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POLITICO Hits Bachmann And Conservatives With Standard-Free Headline

It used to be that the Washington establishment would adhere to something remotely resembling traditional journalistic standards when they attacked conservatives.

Michele BachmannHowever, POLITICO – the house organ of the DC political elite – has now abandoned even that modest bow to truth in its latest attack on Rep. Michele Bachmann and other conservative opponents of the Obama – Rubio immigration bill.

An article by Tal Kopan led the Allbritton Communications Company’s flagship website with this headline; Michele Bachmann: Far right ‘losing badly.’

The first problem with the headline is that it used the term “far right” to describe those conservatives who oppose the Gang of Eight amnesty for illegal aliens bill.

The second problem is that it disingenuously, to be polite, implies that Michele Bachmann used the term “far right.”

She didn’t.

And the third problem is that Bachmann’s comment was framed in the headline completely out of context.

Her actual comment, as the article below the headline reported correctly, was an exhortation to conservatives to get involved in the fight against the Gang of Eight immigration bill:

“We’re losing badly. Why? Because members of Congress don’t even know this fight’s going on, so we need your viewers to melt the phone lines,” Bachmann said on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV.

This egregious breach of journalistic standards is of a piece with POLITICO’s other recent attempt to put their thumb on the scale of public opinion by running unflattering photos of Virginia’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican candidate for Governor Ken Cuccinelli next to JFK-like photos of Clinton family acolyte, and Democratic candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe.

We don’t know Mr. Kopan, but based on this article he seems like a good writer and straight news reporter, if he’s got any commitment to the journalistic standards of old let’s hope he raises the Devil with the headline writers at POLITICO.

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