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Sarah Palin Delivers At Faith And Freedom Conference

Sarah Palin Radio producer and host LaDonna Hale Curzon reporting from the Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to the Majority" conference in Washington, D.C.

There's one thing you can count on with Sarah Palin. She can deliver the goods.
Sarah Palin
She can deliver a rip-roaring speech. She can deliver homespun punch lines as good as Mark Twain. And most of all, she delivers to her admirers.

At the Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority " conference held on Saturday in Washington, D.C., the conference organizers saved the best for last.

After hearing from a Who's Who list of political rising stars like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, the conference attendees from across the country, stayed to the very end to hear and see Sarah Palin deliver the closing speech.

And what a speech it was.

Right off the bat, she said quite convincingly, "If there's any protesters here, speak now or forever hold your peace. Facing protesters is something I do very well." The audience approved with applause and cheers. And there were no protesters.

Palin recalled rolling down her truck window and asking a protesting Democrat why he voted for Obama. "I'm not a racist, so I voted for him to prove it," he said.

She shot back saying, "I'm not a racist either and buddy, next time vote for someone else to prove you're not a knucklehead."

She pointed out that the White House had just testified before Congress and actually bragged that they "used the least untruthful statement." Palin wisecracked , "Where I'm from, that's called a lie."

"Washington is one, hot mess," she continued. "These scandals are coming fast and furious.

"Yes, government spied, officials lied and Americans died. Our government spied on all our phone calls but couldn't find two pot-smoking, dead beat Bostonians with a hotline to Terrorist Central in Chechnya." The audience howled with laughter.

Palin went on to praise Tea Partier Betsy Harrison, who testified last week in Washington about being targeted by the IRS.

"Betsy is a mama grizzly. She came to Washington to beg for her rights. Becky is not a victim. She's a victor. She didn't come to Washington to apologize. She came to evangelize.

"Becky was treated as an uppity yokel; a dangerous hick who needed to be brought down by an avalanche of red tape."

To a crowd hungry for red meat, Palin said, "We now have a government that thinks we work for it instead of it working for us. Just for a week, I'd like to see Congress go on cruise control; Ted Cruz control."

As she has been known to do, Palin sent a message to the Republican establishment, saying, "Don't you dare marginalize us (conservatives)." It wasn't clear if Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, was on hand to hear her words. Preibus spoke an hour earlier before Palin.

In closing, Palin's voice cracked and she appeared teary-eyed when she said to the crowd of conservative activists, "You are the unsung heroes. Keep up the good fight. We shall, we must, we will restore America.

And then she expressed a happy fathers day to all the dads.

With that, Palin made one more good delivery. She walked off the stage with husband Todd and began mixing with a throng of admirers lined up three-deep along the rope line. She was literally mobbed. It took more than hour but she delivered and everyone went home happy.

Since Sarah Palin Radio was launched in 2008, the program has been covered on MSNBC, CNN, WUSA, "America's Morning News," Agence France-Presse TV, SVT Sweden TV, PJTV, United Press International,The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker magazine and numerous blogs and radio shows. The executive producer and host was named "Worse Person in the World" by Keith Olbermann on his MSNBC show and acknowledged by Gov. Palin in her best-selling book Going Rogue.

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RINOs rule GOP

The progressive RINOs rule the GOP. The best thing that Conservatives can do is LEAVE the GOP...start a new party, register voters to that new party and offer America some REAL choices. The GOP is stuck on 2012 and a waddle leftward to be a non-competitive LiberalLite.


Given the fact that Sarah Palin is little more than a joke on par with Dan Quayle, why listen to her, even if she can see Russia?

Dems & RINOs still stuck on stupid.

Is that all you can say? A parrot can be taught to relate your old juvenile talking points!

Sarah Sarah Sarah

For Christ sakes when will that woman ever go away. It's over she's had her chance. Most Americans saw her campaigning they REJECTED her & McCain IT'S OVER.
What do we have to do to make her go away drive a stake through her heart.
Please stop calling on her to save your dying party. Shes not your ticket