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When GOP Ignores Grassroots It Loses

There has been a steady drum beat of establishment media commentary and public polls claiming to support the notion that there is a massive wave of public enthusiasm behind immigration “reform.”
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The problem is, these polls are generally flawed because they don’t describe the reality of the legislation and they also tend to be based on “robo-polling” -- not personal interviews with the participants. You can see the latest POLITICO article on polls showing significant public support for the Rubio – Obama “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill for a great example of these flaws.

The article describes polls conducted for three “Astro turf” pro-reform groups (the Partnership for a New American Economy, the Alliance for Citizenship and Republicans for Immigration Reform) and claims to show that “[I]mmigration reform continues to attract broad public support as the Gang of Eight compromise legislation moves through the Senate.”

Of course the “Gang of Eight” bill is no “compromise.” If it was, then the members of the Gang of Eight and their Democratic allies would have accepted amendments by Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, John Cornyn and Charles Grassley to strengthen border security and ensure that the newly legalized Illegal immigrants don’t become burdens on American taxpayers.

Better polls are being taken at Congressional “town hall” meetings across the country, and there, the sentiment is running strongly against the “Gang of Eight” bill.

According to Charles Babington, writing in the left-leaning Huffington Post, Republican Representative Kenny Marchant of Texas said, "It's hard to argue with the polling they've been getting from the national level," referring to signs of serious problems for Republican presidential candidates if immigration laws aren't rewritten. "I just don't experience it locally."

The Gang of Eight bill "is very unpopular in my district," said Marchant, who represents suburbs west of Dallas.

"My district is not in favor of creating a system where people who committed a crime can jump in front of those who have tried to come here based on the law," said Republican Representative Walter Jones of North Carolina, according to Babington’s article.

Limited-government constitutional conservative Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah agreed, saying the Senate bill "is not palatable at this point" because it would allow "amnesty and lack of security" on the border.

Likewise, conservative Republican Paul Broun, also seeking Georgia's Senate nomination, was quoted by Babington as saying any immigration deal "must make English the official language of the country." The U.S.-Mexican border, Broun said, must be secured "totally, whatever it takes. A double fence high enough to make sure it's secure."

So then, with grassroots opinion firmly against what the national polls supposedly say, who is in favor of the “Gang of Eight” illegal alien amnesty bill? Liberal Democrats looking to expand the client base of the welfare state, big business looking for cheap labor, and individual politicians (such as Florida’s Republican Senator Marco Rubio) who are looking to expand their personal power base for presidential runs.

Republican House members who hold town hall meetings know very well who is opposed to the Gang of Eight immigration bill. It is the grassroots limited-government constitutional conservative voters who actually show-up and vote in Republican primaries, and, as the GOP wipe-outs of 2006 and 2008 showed (and the Tea Party wave of 2010 proved), Republican politicians ignore those voters at their peril.

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