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The Best Ground to Fight Obamacare On

Obamacare Protest
While the Capitol Hill Republican “leadership” is desperate to avoid a fight on Obamacare, conservatives are debating where the best ground is for the fight to block implementation of Obamacare’s individual mandate, abortion requirement and other freedom-stealing provisions.

Our friends at The Washington Examiner have reported that one group of House conservatives is coalescing around a plan that “would delay implementation of Obamacare by one year and use the money saved to restore the sequester-mandated spending cuts, in exchange for approving either a must-pass budget bill or legislation to raise the debt ceiling.”

According to reporting by the Examiner’s David M. Drucker, this plan was developed as an alternative to the House leadership’s shameful attempt to give House Republicans a phony vote to defund Obamacare, while actually handing over the final decision on whether to defund the hated law to Obama’s liberal allies in the Senate.

This alternative could be part of the government funding bill that must be passed by the end of September or the debt ceiling legislation that will need to be passed a month or so later.

According to Drucker’s interview with one Republican who attended the meeting where the plan was floated, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., made a “compelling case” for using the debt ceiling legislation to negotiate the Obamacare delay, rather than the budget bill favored by Tea Party activists.

“That is better ground for us to fight on,” said that GOP member reports Drucker.

The one-year delay proposal advocated by conservative Republican Study Committee members should get some points for creativity, but it has several major flaws that make it unlikely to achieve the desired goal of ending Obamacare’s freedom-killing mandates.

The first and most troubling flaw is that it exchanges one permanent conservative policy victory – reducing spending through the sequester – for a temporary postponement of the implementation of Obamacare.

Trading a permanent something for a temporary anything is almost always a bad idea.

We understand that you have to give something to get something in a trade, but this is a bad trade that presumes that limiting federal spending is simply one more negotiable provision in a bill, not a principle fundamental to the limited government constitutional conservative philosophy of government.

The second flaw in the plan floated by the RSC members is that it assumes the battle against Obamacare is a one-off affair and that once the House passes the bill they can go back to naming post offices. 

While it is true that postponing the implementation of Obamacare for a year gets rid of the immediate discomfort of a potential government shutdown, it doesn’t actually eliminate the Obamacare mandates that outrage grassroots conservative and Tea Party activists.

Any member of Congress who thinks that postponing Obamacare for a year is going to make conservative activists go away or quiet down either didn’t have any August recess town hall meetings or obviously wasn’t listening if they did, because the only thing that is going to satisfy the conservative grassroots is complete elimination of Obamacare’s anti-freedom provisions.

We give our friends at the RSC credit for creativity with this proposal, but trying to thread the needle between the House GOP leadership’s lack of fight on this (or almost any other issue) and the demands of the conservative grassroots for real action to defund Obamacare is an enterprise destined to fail.

To find the best ground upon which to fight Obamacare, House Republicans, particularly the leadership, need to get their heads around the truth that there’s nothing in the Constitution that demands Republicans fund programs with which they disagree. 

In fact, the Constitution contemplates that Congress, particularly the House, will act as a break on an overambitious executive branch.

That’s the first and best ground upon which House conservatives should fight Obamacare and the rest of President Obama’s radical secular liberal agenda.

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