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Conservatives Lining Up Behind Chris McDaniel In Mississippi

Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran
Establishment Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi hasn’t said whether or not he plans to run for reelection, but conservatives who want him replaced with a principled limited government constitutional conservative aren’t waiting around to for him to decide – they are backing state Senator Chris McDaniel.

Cochran has been on Capitol Hill for over 40 years – which pretty much says it all right there – but his “bipartisanship” and deal making have left him one of the few old-time Southern pork barrel politicians remaining in Washington and distinctly out of step with the limited government constitutional conservatism of the grassroots Republican voters in Mississippi.

Chris McDaniel was immediately endorsed by the Senate Conservatives Fund as “a constitutional conservative who will fight to stop Obamacare, balance the budget, and get America working again. Chris McDaniel is not part of the Washington establishment and he has the courage to stand up to the big spenders in both parties. He's a principled leader who will make Mississippi proud.”

Another major player in the campaign to elect McDaniel is our friend Chris Chocola and The Club for Growth who also backed McDaniel early and have already release a hard-hitting video supporting his candidacy.

“Chris McDaniel doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk when it comes to the fight for economic freedom,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Career politicians and big government liberals are bankrupting our country, and that’s exactly why we need Chris McDaniel fighting for us in Washington. Club for Growth Action will continue to strongly support his candidacy for the United States Senate.”

We particularly like The Club for Growth’s description of Chris McDaniel as “a constitutional conservative with backbone.”

You can watch The Club for Growth ad “Had Enough” through this link and learn more about Chris McDaniel at his website here.

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