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Washington’s Drunken Clowns

Clown Congress
The headline on Breitbart,DRUNK CLOWN ACCUSED OF DANGLING CHILD FROM OVERPASS,” coming as it did on the day that Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius testified about the failed rollout of ObamaCare and the website struck us as particularly apropos – until we read the article and realized it wasn’t about Sebelius at all.

However, we stand by our first impression that it accurately describes the circus through which ObamaCare came into being and its effect on the coming generations of Americans.

What better way to describe how President Barack Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill – drunk with power – rammed ObamaCare through Congress despite its well documented negative effects on the economic wellbeing and liberty of future generations of Americans?

What better way to describe the development, politically colored content and rollout of the ObamaCare website than “clownish?”

Surely you’d have to be intoxicated with the idea of the political power you’d gain by “giving” health care to millions of uninsured Americans to believe that “if you like your existing plan you can keep it” and that premiums for those who already have insurance would not rise, but go down, in the process.

The Democrats are right about one thing, the website is merely a tool – however, its failure is a manifestation of the underlying problems with the entire Affordable Care Act – so fixing the website a day or a year from now is largely irrelevant to fixing the underlying problems with ObamaCare.

And those problems are legion – starting with the faulty economic assumptions underlying the ACA’s projected cost, to the carve-outs and special exemptions granted to the elite (like Members of Congress and their staff), to the radical restructuring of the “standard” health care policy that all but guarantees no one who “likes their current plan” can keep it.

Yesterday, we observed that the grilling of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and various other Obama administration officials about the disastrous rollout of the ObamaCare website would provide Republicans with all kinds of opportunities to thump their chests about how bad ObamaCare is and how much they oppose it.

And it certainly did that.

The problem for the Republican establishment is now that ObamaCare’s inherent flaws are being exposed what are Republicans going to do about it? 

The principled thing to do would be to join the lion tamers, like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and use the tools the Constitution gives them to tame the ObamaCare beast. 

Unfortunately, right now it looks the Republican establishment plans to pile in the clown car and keep claiming they oppose ObamaCare, but are happy to keep funding it while granting Obama a year-long free pass that would get Democrats by the next election by postponing the individual mandate, and only a drunken clown could believe that makes any economic, policy or political sense.

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Republicans need to accept Obama care and fix the details.

The Repubicans need to accept Obama care as the law of the land. Then they need to work with the Democrats and get rid of gaping loop holes that are there.

Obama care is modeled after Romney Care

Just remember that Obama care is modeled after what was implemented into Law in Massachussetts by a Republican Governor Romney. The Gentleman that you fellows elected to run for the oval office.