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Virginia Voters Hold the Future of America in Their Hands

Please forward this to your friends and contacts in Virginia. 

Since the day he won the Republican nomination for Governor of Virginia, the establishment media has been predicting the defeat of Ken Cuccinelli. They and their liberal fellow travelers would like Virginians to believe that Democrat and Clinton confidant Terry McAuliffe is a shoo-in and that Cuccinelli’s defeat will mark the end of the progress limited government constitutional conservatives have made in the Old Dominion.

National liberal organizations and other proponents of big government – including, we might add, some who are usually at least nominally aligned with the Republican Party have poured millions into a vicious negative campaign against Ken Cuccinelli.

Yet in the final days of the campaign the polls show that after liberals spent all of those millions the race is a virtual dead heat and that the result hinges on turnout and whether or not liberty minded voters will vote for Ken Cuccinelli or Robert Sarvis, a self-proclaimed “libertarian” whose positions are much more akin to those of progressive Democrats than they are to traditional limited government libertarian ideals.

Ken Cuccinelli, as the Attorney General of Virginia and as a member of the Virginia Senate, has been a staunch defender of the right-to-life and individual liberty. 

During his entire public career Ken has truly stood for our values and fought for the limited government constitutional conservative agenda – even when it meant treading on the toes of the State House establishment in Richmond.

Ken Cuccinelli has proven that he can’t be bought and will stand on his principles – even when those principles aren’t popular among the establishment elite or on the editorial pages of the big city press.

And that is what has made defeating Ken the top priority of a motley coalition of secular liberals and self-interested establishment types who want to continue to loot the State treasury for special favors and benefits at the expense of Virginia’s hard-pressed working families.   

They understand that Ken Cuccinelli, like a few other nationally recognized constitutional conservatives, such as Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul, won’t play the establishment’s you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, with the taxpayers’ money.

The big government coalition working to defeat Ken understands that if they can beat Ken Cuccinelli it will energize and encourage Obama, the Democrats and the Republican establishment to put all limited government constitutional conservatives in the crosshairs in 2014.

And let’s be honest; if Ken is defeated by their campaign it will disillusion and discourage Republican leaders and candidates from pursuing our limited government constitutional conservative agenda and continuing the fight on a host of important issues at the state and national levels.  

As the polls open today, the Governor’s race is effectively tied. 

Unless you’ve really been paying attention to the Virginia Governor’s race you wouldn’t know that Terry McAuliffe has gotten enormous help from national unions, abortion interests, and a California billionaire environmentalist who began his involvement in Virginia politics by spending $400,000 per week on T.V. ads on climate change to try and defeat Ken.  

Ken has been outspent in all of his previous races – and won all. Ken can and will win and become Virginia’s next Governor if grassroots conservative voters turn out and vote for him.

What happens in Virginia in 2013 will not stay in Virginia, but will set the stage for elections in 2014 and 2016, just as the Virginia GOP Governor’s victory did in 2009 for the big 2010 Republican wins. It’s a certainty that a Republican victory in Virginia’s 2013 Governor’s race will excite the Republican base and discourage Democrats. 

However, the reverse is also true. 

If the liberal special interests and the business-as-usual crowd in Richmond are successful in their campaign to defeat Ken Cuccinelli it will give a green light to the Democrat’s secular liberal agenda.

The election of Terry McAuliffe will mean the end of the Virginia coal industry, the imposition of Common Core education standards on Virginia school children, a massive increase in government regulation and the size of Virginia state government and a massive tax increase to go with it, and will all but confirm that Obamacare will remain the law of the land.

National liberal organizations and everyone in Richmond who wants to continue to stick their hand in the pocket of Virginia’s taxpayers have figured out this is an election with national implications. 

To defeat them and send a message that will be heard from Cape Charles to Hollywood Virginia’s limited government constitutional conservatives have only to do one thing today: Go to the polls and vote for Ken Cuccinelli, and then call and email all their Virginia friends and contacts and ask them to do the same.

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