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Ted and Rush Help Obama Fix Health Care

Cruz and Limbaugh
While President Obama has gone from being “the campaigner in chief” to being “the apologizer in chief” and stripped Silicon Valley bare looking for someone to repair his website, Capitol Hill’s establishment Republicans seem content to sit back and wait for ObamaCare’s implosion to hand them the next election. 

Some establishment Republicans are still talking about delaying the individual mandate or a bill to force insurance companies to make good on Obama’s promise that “if you like your insurance you can keep it.”

The idea that you can pass a bill to do that shows a lot of Capitol Hill Republicans don’t know any more about business, especially the insurance business, than does Obama.

The insurance companies have moved on – that’s what the millions of cancellation notices are all about.  

So, the notion that Congress can pass a bill to turn back the clock and make the insurance companies reissue all those cancelled policies at the same price is akin to telling the entertainment and electronics industries they have to start making VCRs again, after you just passed a bill to require everyone to buy a Blu Ray player.

It ain’t happening. 

What’s more, ObamaCare is doing exactly what Democrats wanted – it is destroying the private insurance industry and market so that it can be replaced by a single-payer government system. 

The problem for Democrats is that the destruction was supposed to be smooth and incremental, not the abrupt and incompetently executed debacle the website has turned out to be.

Someone, somewhere, needs to tell Republicans that the way to “fix” ObamaCare is not to join Democrats in making big government more efficient in accomplishing Democratic policy goals – it is to fight big government, and all its works.

In other words, the way to “fix” ObamaCare is to stand up for the limited government constitutional conservative principles Republicans claim to believe in.

 So far, the only leaders we’ve heard say anything along those lines are Senator Ted Cruz and conservative political commentator and talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

“The only way to stop these problems is to admit this idea was fundamentally flawed to begin with,” Senator Ted Cruz told Megyn Kelly of Fox News. “We've got to start over, and you know at this point starting over, stopping ObamaCare, I think it is the essence of pragmatism.”

Cruz said he is working on legislation that would both repeal ObamaCare and enact positive health care reform that would “empower consumers” to create a “true national market for health care.”

Hear that establishment Republicans?  Conservative principles, like markets, empowering consumers, repealing a law that is big government on steroids is “the essence of pragmatism” It is neither conservative or pragmatic to try to postpone the implementation of ObamaCare, or  try to build a legislative time machine to turn back the clock.  

Rush had an equally incisive, and much more political take – but it is one that even the thickest establishment Republican on Capitol Hill ought to be able to grasp, so we quote it at length:

I don't think the Republican Party should do anything to salvage this.  I don't think there's anything in it for them to be seen as working with the Democrats to make this work, nothing electorally, just like being for amnesty and immigration reform is not going to help them.  But they believe it is, do they not?  Why is that? Because I think they feel defensive, shell-shocked, PTSD, what have you.  What the Republicans need to be doing is taking advantage of all this chaos. It's unconstitutional.  What's happening here is not happening according to the law.  The Republicans ought to be working to scrap this.  They ought to be working to repeal this.  That's what a majority of the American people want.  

We join Rush in our continued amazement at how the establishment Republican Party is continuing to fumble the politics of the ObamaCare debacle. They don’t have to do anything new, all they have to do is stand-up for the principles they already say they believe in.

As we (and Rush) have said for many months now, you have this majority of the American people who are opposed to ObamaCare. These are Americans that the Republican Party could connect with on a fundamental issue to become the champions of the people who oppose this law.  It seems to Rush and to us – from outside the Beltway, of course – as made to order for a party that wants to come back to life.

By the way, the entire segment of Rush’s show where he discusses this is worth checking out which you can do through this link

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