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Amnesty Coming One Piece at a Time?

Amnesty Chart
In a shift away from his longstanding demand that Congress pass a “comprehensive” immigration reform bill – that includes amnesty for illegal aliens – President Barack Obama has now declared that he could go along with a piecemeal approach to the legislation.

Provided of course that Congress passes all the pieces he wants in the bill.

"If they want to chop that thing up into five pieces, as long as all five pieces get done, I don't care what it looks like, as long as it's actually delivering on those core values that we talk about," Obama told a Wall Street Journal business leaders forum.

“Core values” is of course code for amnesty.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., told the same forum shortly after Obama spoke that the bill wouldn't get done this year because there wasn't enough time.

That’s good news except Ryan, according to UPI, also told the forum that he believed some GOP House members supported a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants who entered the United States without legal permission.

And it is clear Paul Ryan is included among those “some GOP House members” who support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens.

House Speaker John Boehner said last week the House would not consider a conference to resolve differences between House immigration plans and the Senate’s Gang of Eight”  immigration bill.

However, House conservatives aren’t buying the idea that a package of border security and guest worker bills is going to be limited to those issues and remain concerned that any piecemeal House measures would merely become vehicles for the comprehensive Senate bill if the two chambers met in a House-Senate conference committee to resolve bill disagreements.

Here’s how we see things stacking-up in the House:

There isn’t going to be a majority of House Republicans in favor of anything remotely resembling the Senate Obama – Rubio bill, or any other “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens.

To pass, such a bill would have to get to the House floor and pass with most of the Democrats, plus 30 to 40 squishy Republicans.

And that’s where you come in.

We urge you to start letting your Congressman know NOW that you oppose anything remotely resembling the Senate immigration bill and that you don’t want a House – Senate Conference Committee that can put the elements of that bill into otherwise acceptable legislation.

Most importantly, sign our “no amnesty” petition, watch the videos in our “Short Course” on immigration and amnesty and then call your Congressman’s office (Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to OPPOSE bringing any bill including amnesty or a path to citizenship for illegal aliens to the House floor. Tell them you want border security, not amnesty for illegal aliens.

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No More Mexification of the

No More Mexification of the U.S.A. Go to Mexico and see what we will become, with Amnesty! We are already a Dictatorship/Oligarchy! Why make it WORSE!


under no circumstances there must there be amnesty granted to any illegals.
They must return to Mexico and if they still want to come and be part of the American citizenry, they must go thru proper procedures to be accepted.
Even if they have children that was born after they came they must also go back with their parents/relatives.
We must stand to our laws and enforce them.
Each and everyone of us citizens must obey our law or we serve time Voffences.


"And it is clear Paul Ryan is included among those “some GOP House members” who support a path to citizenship for illegal aliens."
It is also clear that Ryan has shown his progressive underpinnings! Not good!