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Conservatives Pick Biggest Winner of 2013

Ted Cruz
This year we have taken a contrarian view of who the political winners and losers of 2013 were, because the politics of who won and lost particular votes in Congress, and the attendant media debates, seems to have been turned on its head.

In this contrarian environment picking winners and losers was tough.

Most conservatives, and we suspect most Americans outside the Beltway, see President Barack Obama as the biggest, and most well-deserved loser of 2013, because the vast fabric of lies surrounding ObamaCare was finally exposed by the facts in such a way that even his most ardent apologists in the media were forced to acknowledge it. But Obama won the votes in Congress on spending and on the funding of ObamaCare.

So does that mean Obama and his Big Government allies in both Parties are winners or a losers?

If you look at history, the causes of conservatism and conservative governance have often advanced in the aftermath of Republican defeats.

Such defeats energize the grassroots, help clear-out deadwood and bring forward new conservative leadership, and voters quickly look for change (and vote for it if it is actually offered) after they get a taste of liberal overreach, as they did in 1994 and 2010.

Those who won the votes on Capitol Hill appear to be losing the larger political battle, while those who lost the final vote, on say the government shutdown over funding ObamaCare, or maintaining the sequester spending ceiling, have become the leaders of a growing grassroots movement against Big Government no matter which Party is behind it.

And in the eyes of the CHQ readers who took our “biggest winner of 2013” poll that makes Texas Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party movement the biggest winner of 2013 by an overwhelming margin.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas garnered 80% of the votes in our biggest winner of 2013 poll even though as the government shutdown over the defunding of ObamaCare was ending the establishment media branded Cruz as the loser of the fight. 

When poll numbers came out showing that Capitol Hill Republicans were at new lows the establishment media blamed Cruz and once again claimed that Cruz had lost. However, the millions of grassroots conservative voters who expressed their opposition to ObamaCare and wanted the government shut down until ObamaCare was defunded begged to differ. 

We think Cruz topped the biggest winners of 2013 list because he almost singlehandedly re-energized the Tea Party movement and became the model for a new crop of boat-rocking limited government constitutional candidates who are bent on challenging the Republican establishment and finishing the work the Tea Party started in 2009 and 2010.

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Never said that I did not like the guy, but he is not eligible for president and he should make a public statement about that issue as some potential voters are already confused. In the same speech he should list the best candidate for future Potus (in his opinion) for everyone to weigh.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz and a few other Republicans are the only Senators and Reps. are the only truly conservatives. We need many more people concerned for our country to run for these offices.

Ted Cruz for President in 2016!

Awesome! After the 21+ hour speech given by Senator Cruz on the floor of the Senate reflecting the will of "We the People" in wanting to defund and rully repeal the monstrosity known as Obama(non)Care currently poised to kill both the economy and the electorate, he had my full attention and hopes to see him elevated onto the Republican ticket for the Presidency in 2016. I cannot think of a more proven and unwavering conservative to lead the nation back to the right upon the next election for the presidency. He will surely get the conservative base of his party as well as the growing Hispanic vote, and many Independents are likely to vote for him as well. He is a winner and we need to get behind such a candidacy, to the rescuing of America.