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Common Core: The Elite’s War On Citizenship

Stop Common Core
America’s ruling class, most especially Big Business and its allies in the media elite, would like you to believe, as former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush has said, that the choices for improving education in America are adopting Common Core standards or failure.

This is complete nonsense and typical of the kind of illogical false choices that Common Core proponents have put before the public ever since parents and taxpayers first began to question Common Core and the secretive process through which it was developed.

George F. Will captured this elite attitude in a recent column in which he noted:

“Many proponents seem to deem it beneath their dignity to engage opponents' arguments, preferring to caricature opponents as political primitives and to dismiss them with flippancies such as this from Bill Gates: ‘It's ludicrous to think that multiplication in Alabama and multiplication in New York are really different.’ What is ludicrous is Common Core proponents disdaining concerns related to this fact: Fifty years of increasing Washington inputs into K-12 education has coincided with disappointing cognitive outputs from schools. Is it eccentric that it is imprudent to apply to K-12 education the federal touch that has given us”

And for many, if not most, opponents of Common Core that fifty-year record of failure is really the crucial point – the more federal bureaucratic and politically motivated involvement there has been in a given field the more likely it is that failure, not success will be the product.

Of course unelected bureaucrats and the secretive “education industry” that benefits to the tune of billions of dollars from the adoption of Common Core are largely insulated from the kind of metrics most Americans apply to success, such as whether or not students actually understand a given body of knowledge, and can apply it to life.

Not so those public officials in states where school administrators and school boards are elected.

In Georgia the state school superintendent is an elected position with one Democrat and seven Republicans vying for the office.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Jim Galloway reports that the Georgia Chamber of Commerce – the state’s most powerful proponent of Common Core – decided to "vet" the candidates by hosting an interview session where leaders of the business community would interview the candidates.

And since the Chamber had put out a statement endorsing Common Core presumably pressure the candidates to go along.

In summary, here is what the candidates said according to Galloway:

To most of the GOP candidates, the warning didn’t matter. ”It’s centralization. Ask the Soviets how that worked out,” Nancy Jester, a former DeKalb County school board member said.

She went on to chide the business group for its poor philosophy when it came to Common Core. “Centralization is not a method that leads to success. The Chamber knows that. We know what drives success. That’s competition,” she said.

Mary Kay Bacallao, a professor of math and science education at Mercer University and a member of the Fayette County school board, has built her campaign around opposition to Common Core.

Drew Evangelista, an AT&T education learning specialist from Fulton County, declared it “fundamentally broken.” Richard Woods, a school administrator from Tifton, declared Common Core would lead us “down a path that does not promote student learning.”

Fitz Johnson of Cobb County once ran a family-owned defense contract company, and has raised more campaign cash than all of the other candidates combined – $265,000 when last reported. He finessed the question.

“Is there middle ground? I’m for rigorous standards here in the state of Georgia. And I’m for local control,” he said. But Johnson said he would implement whatever curriculum the state Board of Education approved.

Kara Willis, a Roswell Republican who ran for school superintendent in 2010 as a Libertarian, was slightly more direct. “I don’t have a problem with standards. I like them,” she said.

But the only candidate to give the Chamber a full-throated endorsement was state Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan of Austell, the lone Democrat. “I absolutely support Common Core,” she said. “I’m proud of the product.”

There was one more candidate in the mix – Matt Shultz, a three-term Republican member of the Bartow County school board. He turned out to be the afternoon’s truth-teller.

It really didn’t matter what he thought of Common Core, Shultz said. In Republican circles, it’s now radioactive. He addressed the business leaders in a language they could understand. “If Common Core were a brand and I were a product manager, it would be dead on arrival. We have lost the marketing war on Common Core,” Shultz said. “That’s just a fact.”

According to Galloway, after the event, Chris Clark, president and CEO of the Georgia Chamber, all but conceded that a re-branding of Common Core was in order. 

“They all found a hole to shoot in Common Core, and that’s fine,” Clark said. “The bottom line is, are you going to support higher standards, or are you going to roll it back? We don’t want the candidates that are going to roll it back.”

As is typical of Common Core proponents, Chris Clark fell back on the false choice of Common Core or no standards and failure.

In our view Common Core is not about raising education standards.  It is about is pushing the liberal political and cultural agenda, creating an army of compliant drones to populate America’s workforce and perhaps most importantly, nationalizing K-12 education to prevent any meaningful debate and the traditional local democratic management of education.

We believe that equipping students with the knowledge necessary to become engaged citizens should be the top goal of our education system. Local school authorities setting standards and responding to voter demands for student competence in subjects such as citizenship and American history, as well as reading and math, are the best ways to accomplish that goal.

Common Core does nothing to equip students to be engaged and effective citizens. It is merely one more tool for the urban elite to impose their views and values on the students, parents and taxpayers out in flyover country. 

Common Core will strip the next generation of the intellectual tools and information necessary to be engaged citizens, think for themselves and effectively oppose the ruling class. These are the most insidious effects Common Core will have on the American education system, and the most important reasons to oppose it.

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Common Core/Education

I'll go a step further: Anyone who possibly can should homeschool his children. There are many programs and ways to pursue this effort. This is the only way you will know or influence what is told to your kids. If you doubt me, check out the materials in use in your child's classroom, visit on a frequent and unannounced basis his classroom, check on who is influencing the kids in your local school. Local control assumes local involvement and knowledge. Locally-controlled schools which follow progressive models, with or without "Common Core" formality, can be bad, as well. Many think they are not up to schooling their childen. I ask them, who taught THEM? If they went to public school and find themselves, after more than 12 years of that regimen,not up to teaching their own kids, would seem to make my case. And overall, schools are not better than the last generation's, they're much worse.

Common Core

Similar names for Common Core would be dumbing down of America, brain washing, and mind control. None of these are traits of a free society but rather of socities similar to Nazisn, communism, Muslimism, facisism, etc. This is what the current federal administration and so called "progressivism" is all about. The USA is now the twelveth freeist nation in the world, we were first for many, many years. We have slipped six places since Ovomit was elected. If Hillary Clinton is elected, we will slip to 24th before we can get rid of her. We very much need to go back to freedom and prosperity. We do this by getting rid of about 75% of this Government, paying off the national debt, and running a surplus rather than a deficit. We must get rid of income tax altogether, replace it with a reasonable national sales tax of 5% which has a limit, which is defined in the Constitution, of no more than ten per cent, instituting term limits of a maximum of 12 years service in the Congress, and an iron clad federal law against members of the Federal Government lying to the people, and also an iron clad Federal Law against secret treaties and side deals. This would be a fair start. I hope I live to see it happen, but I doubt it.

Agenda 21 and Common Core: Cancers

Common Core, without doubt, is next to Obamacare spelling the end of America as founded and, of course, the end of individual freedom.

It is the complete control of our children’s minds, molding and channeling them into a predetermined workforce for the “common good.”

It is the coup de grace that follows the UN/Communist sponsored Agenda 21.

It is complete communistic insanity run amok by globalist-minded people who believe they will be immune because of their wealth. “Let the people eat cake” -- all in the name of future sustainability.

“The People” jolly-well better wake up, and fast, because the cancer of Agenda 21 and Common Core has already started to metastasize in America. Europe is already probably beyond help, save for a revolution to occur unexpectedly, but it had better happen soon.

I’m fighting Common Core 24/7. Are you?