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How We Can Bypass Hollywood to Fund Our Own Movie Projects

Gosnell Movie

Are you fed up with liberal-left bias of Hollywood and the entertainment industry?

Are you tired of throwing your shoes at the TV? Now there’s a way for conservatives to get their movies funded without having to go through the Hollywood gatekeepers. It’s through a process called “Crowd Funding.” The pioneers of how to do this on the conservative side are filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer. Their latest project is a movie they are making about the abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer. They are seeking to raise $2.1 million to make this movie. If successful, this would make this the biggest “crowd funded” film ever made. You can contribute to this important project here. This will not be a documentary – as their other projects have been. This will be in the form of a detective horror story in the tradition of Seven (which starred Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey).

Ann McElhinny says they will be hiring a top screenwriter, director, and actors.

The purpose of the movie is to show every American what an abortion really is.

Dr. Gosnell was convicted of murdering three babies who had been born alive by mistake in botched abortions. He killed these live babies by using scissors to sever their spinal cords.

The movie also aims to bypass the media blackout of the Dr. Gosnell serial murder case.

Dr. Gosnell is now serving consecutive life sentences for killing these live babies.

The logical contradiction, of course, is that if the baby had been killed a few minutes before birth, this would have been legal. Yet, the unborn baby would experience the same about of horrifying pain as the born baby experienced having her spinal cord severed with scissors.

Biologically and physiologically there is no difference between the newborn baby and the unborn baby a few minutes earlier. And there is no difference in the pain they suffer in being killed.

Ann McElhinny and Phelim McAleer are hoping the average viewer of their film will connect dots in their own mind to arrive at this conclusion.

If killing a baby a few minutes after she is born is murder under the law, why isn’t it murder under the law to kill that same baby when in the mother’s womb a few minutes earlier?

Another point the project makes is to highlight the bias of the media and entertainment industry.

While the trial of Dr. Gosnell was going on, the trial of Jodie Arias was also taking place.

Arias was on trial for killing one person. Her trial received blanket coverage on the media and 24/7 coverage on CNN’s Headline News channel. There has already been a movie made about Jodie Arias.

But hardly anyone has heard of Dr. Kermit Gosnell – who was convicted in 2013 of killing three babies with scissors after they were born, but who is believed to have killed thousands of born babies during his 30-year killing spree at his abortion clinic.

There was a media blackout of the Gosnell story. His conviction of these heinous murders of little babies was barely mentioned in passing. But the Jodie Arias trial received blanket media coverage.

McElhinny and McAleer have had “crowd funding” movie successes already, the best known being an award-winning documentary they created titled FrackNation about the enormous potential of fracking to make America energy independent.

That movie cost $212,000 to make, which they raised with donations by using a website called

Pro-Abortion Left Still Almost Manages to Block This Movie

What does is allow people with a dream to raise money for their creative projects – many of them independent films.

Unfortunately, Kickstarter rejected the Dr. Gosnell Movie project unless McElhinny and McAleer removed the description of how Dr. Gosnell would kill these born babies with scissors – even though this is exactly what he was convicted of doing.

“Abortion is sacred to the liberal-Left,” explains McElhinny. “It’s one thing to make a movie about Fracking. But if you make a movie about an abortionist who was convicted of being a serial killer, they can see what we are doing. This is sacred territory for the liberal-Left. They won’t stand for it. Abortion is the Left’s Holy Grail.”

Ann and Phelim Find Another Path

So McElhinny and McAleer took their Gosnell movie project to a rival site called that also enables “crowd funding” for independent movie projects.

Indiegogo did not block the project, as Kickstarter did. Perhaps the project slipped under their radar.

In just six days up on the site the Gosnell Movie has already raised $350,000.

So you can see how this might be a powerful method to raise money for your movie project.

The average contribution so far for the Gosnell Movie is about $70.

So this is also a way for the average American to have a direct impact on what America sees on the movie and TV screen and strike a blow against the Hollywood monopoly on entertainment — which is on the brink of no longer being a monopoly.

Of course, they still have a long way to go to raise the full $2.1 million budget. And they only have 45 days to do it. If they fail to raise the full $2.1 million budget they’ve set, all money is returned to the donors.

Those are the rules of the site.

It’s an ingenious system because it requires users of this site to set realistic budgets for their projects. And it guarantees the project will happen.

You can track in real time exactly how many contributions have come in minute by minute by going to

The transparency of the process is what gives supporters confidence.

That’s the power of the “crowd funding” concept.

So McElhinny and McAleer set the bar high by setting a $2.1 million budget for their movie about Dr. Gosnell and his murders.

But they are also determined to make this a high-quality production that the average movie-watcher will want to watch.

“If the movie is not riveting to non-political young people, we’ll consider this project a failure,” says McElhinny. “We won’t change hearts and minds by preaching at people. We’ll change hearts and minds by telling powerful stories that make our points for us.” 

That’s how Jesus communicated his message — not by scolding us, but by telling memorable stories, parables.

Every conservative and pro-life American should support this important project by going to

This project is a model for how conservatives, Christians, pro-life Americans, and pro-freedom Americans can bypass the leftist Hollywood gatekeepers to raise money for our own movies.

We are losing America in large part because the liberal-Left dominates the movie and entertainment industry, so are shaping the popular culture.

McElhinny and McAleer are blazing a path that shows us how to fight back.

Contribute to their important project by going here: <> . 

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