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House Conservatives Finally Focusing On True Opponent

Richard Viguerie Speaking

Yesterday’s National Journal has a very interesting article about how a group of 40 to 50 House members are actively working to find an alternative candidate for Speaker to replace establishment Republican John Boehner – and that the effort could come together right after the November election.

To that encouraging news I say, “Halleluiah, conservatives in the US House of Representatives finally get it.”

And, according to the National Journal article, Boehner isn't the only target. The House conservatives find fault with the entire leadership team. The NJ’s Tim Alberta says, “Privately, they define success as vaulting one of their own into any one of the top three leadership spots. But they think they're less likely to accomplish even that limited goal with a narrow effort focused on knocking out one person or winning a single slot. That's why this time around, unlike the ham-fisted mutiny of 2013, rebels are broadening their offensive beyond Boehner's gavel.”

Cantor, next in line for speaker and once considered a shoo-in to succeed Boehner, has found himself in conservatives' crosshairs in recent weeks, says Alberta.

With Boehner out of town in late March, Cantor was charged with pushing a "doc fix" bill across the finish line. When it became apparent the measure might not clear the House floor, Cantor authorized a voice vote, allowing the bill to pass without registered resistance. This maneuver infuriated conservatives, who felt that leadership—Cantor in particular—had cheated them. Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Caroline yelled "Bullshit!" outside the House chamber.

Some conservatives are still seething.

“I'm getting used to being deceived by the Obama administration, but when my own leadership does it, it's just not acceptable," Rep. Matt Salmon of Arizona said last week according to Alberta’s reporting on Cantor’s meeting with a group of angry Republican Study Committee members.

In my new book TAKEOVER I make the case that our true opponents are establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush. They’re the ones who have been engaged in a massive expansion of government and the American voters don’t like them. Whenever they are the face of the opposition to the Democrats, the Republicans almost always lose on the national level. It is the most important political battle in America and it’s not between Republicans and Democrats — it’s inside the Republican Party.

What this means is we conservatives have, for over 100-years, had our political guns trained on the wrong targets.

We’ve been fighting the Democrats, when the greatest impediments to the conservative governance of America are not Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid; they are John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Reince Priebus.

But there’s one problem House conservatives have yet to overcome, at least publically: You can’t beat someone with no one.

"Somebody has to step forward," said Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, one of 12 Republicans who refused to back Boehner's reelection in 2013 told National Journal’s Tim Alberta. "This is not something where after the election you can step forward. There's going to be months and months of [planning] needed."


As I say in TAKEOVER, conservatives are like the biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years until that generation of flawed leaders had passed from the scene. We’re not going to get to the political Promised Land unless we get new leaders. The civil war in the Republican Party is turning in our favor and it is time for those new leaders to, Joshua-like, step forward.

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7th district primary challenge heating up


Comstock is the Establishment's Trojan Horse. Look at her website. She doesn't even list immigration as an issue. She won't participate in an open, honest debate because she knows she'll be outed on this and other issues of concern to Conservatives. She is another front person for the Big Business, Crony Class interests. In the Virginia firehouse primary - anybody but Comstock.

Conservatives need to vet Barbara Comstock

Personally I have not decided who to support for the 10th Congressional District race. But several candidates have started raising questions about the conservative veneer that has been spray painted on Barbara Comstock. Many moderates tout their conservative record but once elected seem to forget how to spell "Conservative Principles". I took the following questions to a meet and greet Thursday night but the venue did not lend itself to a question and answer session. I would like Barbara to answer these questions before I consider her for office. So far her campaign appears to be a coronation instead of an election. Let's at least put her on the record with these questions so two years from now we can determine is we were snookered or not.
Here are my questions: maybe one of our Free Citizen news blogs or maybe the Bull Elephant can ask her these questions.

1. Will you be a strong advocate to repeal Obamacare? Not improve or replace, just get rid of it. Replacing acknowledges that we are still engaging the Progressive agenda.
2. Will you fight for complete investigations (select committee; special prosecutor) into all the scandals of this most corrupt administration of our time? Benghazi; Fast and Furious; IRS; NSA; Seal Team Six; EPA testing on Humans; etc.
3. Would you vote for the impeachment of Eric Holder and Barack Obama if the opportunity presented itself?
4. Do you support the current leadership in the House? If not, who would you support to replace Boehner, Cantor, and McCarthy?
5. Since you have received various donations from Eric Cantor’s PAC, do you support Eric Cantor and his assault on the Tea Party movement? Will you accept money from the Main Street PAC as Frank Wolf did?
6. Would you consider firing Ray Allen from your campaign staff, since he was the attack dog Eric Cantor sent after conservatives around the state, slating off hundreds of delegates to the convention?
7. Donors support candidates they believe will support their agendas. You have accepted money from Paul Singer, the billionaire same-sex marriage advocate. What do you plan to do for Paul in Congress?
8. What is your position on comprehensive immigration reform aka; amnesty?
9. How can we stop UN’s Agenda 21 and the treaty on handguns?
10.What is your position on Common Core?

Who knows, maybe Barbara will respond to these questions on her own.

My Congressman would make a perfect Speaker

Rep. Raul Labrador is the perfect balance of Conservative and Libertarian. There is no one more steadfast in their philosophy or voting record than Raul. I guarantee that there are no surprises with him. He does what he promises. He is polite, charming and well spoken in both Spanish and English. Get to know him.

Republican establishment

As more and more conservatives are elected, the "establishment" will fade and disappear. The big thing is to just elect more and more true conservatives into the Congress, House and Senate alike. November is the big target date, and the conservative organizations' job is to field worthy opponents to oppose the RINOs in the primaries. It is our job to get them nominated over the RINOs. That is where we get rid of RINOs and then it is our job to elect the conservatives that we nominate in the primaries. That is how we must go about taking over this party. That is basically how the commies and Nazis and fascists and socialists and liberals, which are in fact all the same thing, took over the former Democrat party.