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North Carolina GOP Primary Tomorrow: Vote Brannon and Roche

Brannon and Roche

North Carolina’s Republican Primary is tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) and we urge all of our readers who live in the Tar Heel state to turnout to vote in the Republican primary.

Two races are of particular importance to us: the GOP Senate primary, where limited government constitutional conservative Dr. Greg Brannon is taking on Jeb Bush’s candidate, Thom Tillis, Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives and the US Representative District 2 race where Frank Roche is taking on incumbent amnesty supporter Congresswoman Renee Ellmers.

Ellmers’ opponent in the upcoming North Carolina Republican Primary, Frank Roche, is a FOX News commentator and economics lecturer at Elon University.

Roche reminds us of another economics professor turned political candidate – former Congressman and Senator Phil Gramm of Texas. Whip smart and a principled conservative Roche understands the tie between the declining quality of life and wages of America’s working families and the wave of illegal and legal immigration swamping this country and is prepared to fight for what makes America exceptional. 

If you want a principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican, who shares the optimistic pro-growth ideas of Jack Kemp and Phil Gramm, then get in this primary and back conservative Frank Roche in the NC-2 Republican congressional primary.

We are backing Brannon for the NC Republican Senate nomination because we see in Dr. Greg Brannon the same mix of brains, conservative principles and willingness to fight the special interests that we see in Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee. 

If North Carolina Republicans want to take back the Senate and govern America according to conservative principles we urge them to vote for Dr. Greg Brannon in next Tuesday’s Republican Senate Primary.

Brannon, a Cary obstetrician, has the backing of Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, Freedom Works, the National Association For Gun Rights, Gun Owners of America, The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and a host of the Tar Heel State’s grassroots economic and social conservatives.

Brannon is right on spending, right on life and right on the Constitution as the law that governs government. Most importantly Dr. Brannon has a long association with the grassroots Tea Party movement and, in addition to being right on the issues we care about, he can be counted on to rock the boat in Washington and actually fight to win when those issues come before the Senate.

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