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House Leadership Overrides Conservatives, Passes 3-Week Extension

Today the House ignored the increasingly loud voices of conservatives all across America by passing another three-week spending resolution, a result that will certainly further erode the grassroots’ confidence that the Republican Party will fight the Democrats on the crucial issue of cutting the federal budget and shrinking government.

54 Republicans voted against the measure (as opposed to six for the previous extension) that was pushed hard by Speaker John Boehner and other members of the House GOP leadership – and the conservatives are only becoming more frustrated at the lack of confrontation on spending.

The Senate will consider the three-week extension as early as Wednesday, and already several conservative Republicans have indicated that they’ll vote against it.

Speaker John Boehner has a lot of work to do to repair relations with conservatives, and he’s running out of time (literally) to get that done. If the leadership fails to “lead” on principles, expect many Tea Party-inspired primary challenges next year.

Click here to read the report from The Hill.

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Throw out the cowards

Boehner needs to be shown the door.  He has no spine for a fight.  We need to clear the decks on our ship of state of all these political poltroons.   Boehner and the other panty-waste wusses of the GOP leadership needs to be thrown out.

Speaker of the House John Boehner

He may be speaker of the house.  But he is NOT speaking for this American.

Self Protection - Self Powered

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  • Self-governance, autonomy and independence (city-state)

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    House Leadership

    It is time to primary Boehner and Cantor by the tea party. No COURAGE and the 105 Billion for Barrycare is now in place. We also need the names of the TEA PARTY elected candidates that voted to this ??????

    I'll add my rep, Bill Flores

    I'll add my rep, Bill Flores of Texas. I already called his office and raised some cane, the aide kept eluding to some super grand idea down the pike which they seem certain will eviscerate Obamacare, but I don't buy it. He urged me to keep watching, I assured him I will and would continue to keep Flores under my microscope. I still expressed my extreme displeasure and disappointment with Flores' vote today.