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Forget McCarthy or Pete Sessions As Majority Leader

 McCarthy and Sessions

 We here at CHQ aren’t backing a candidate for House Majority Leader – yet. But we can sure tell you who we oppose and why.

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Rules Chairman Pete Sessions have been the enforcement arm of the Boehner leadership team and each of them are as bad as or worse than Eric Cantor has been on our issues – particularly amnesty for illegal aliens and spending.

Pete Sessions has used his powerful position as Rules Committee Chairman to oppose the movement to defund Obamacare, has consistently voted to raise the debt ceiling, and has been an advocate for the NSA intrusion into our freedoms. He supported the TARP Wall Street bailouts and, despite what he would have Republicans believe in the wake of Eric Cantor’s epic defeat, he has long been in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens.

We remind conservative Members of the House Republican Conference that it was Pete Sessions and Eric Cantor who cooked-up the strategy of holding a phony vote to defund Obamacare.

The smoke and mirrors procedure cooked-up by House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions of Texas and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia calls for sending the Senate a stopgap spending bill together with a resolution that would alter the text of the bill once it’s enrolled for presentation to President Barack Obama – the so-called “enrollment correction” would bar funding to carry out Public Law 111-148, (Obamacare). The Democratic-controlled Senate of course retains the right to choose whether to accept the “correction,” or not, and could then send the funding bill on to President Obama with little more controversy or debate.

The Sessions-Cantor strategy was not an attempt to force Democrats into taking an unpopular vote, rather it is an attempt to fool grassroots conservative voters into thinking that House Republicans actually stood on principle and voted against a spending bill with money to implement Obamacare in it.

The conservative grassroots voters of this country are tired of being treated like idiots by Washington’s GOP insiders on Capitol Hill. That ploy by Sessions and Cantor was just one of many examples of why the price for conservative support at the polls in 2014 should be new leadership in the House GOP.

But Kevin McCarthy hardly qualifies as a “new” leader. As Whip he’s been as bad as or worse than Cantor on any number of issues.

Kevin McCarthy has only a 42% rating on the Heritage Action for America scorecard; that’s a full twenty points below the House GOP average of 62%. Contrast that with the record of House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling, another potential candidate for Majority Leader, who booked an 88% score.

And McCarthy has been “arm twister in chief” every time Speaker Boehner decided to abandon conservative principles and grow government and spending.

It was Kevin McCarthy who dragooned conservatives into voting for the massive food stamp giveaway in the Farm Bill, the increased spending in the Water bill and the Omnibus Appropriation Act that raised spending.

McCarthy, like Pete Sessions, voted for the TARP Wall Street bailout and against such commonsense conservative ideas as the Republican Study Committee’s “Back to Basics” Budget.

Most importantly, McCarthy was “arm-twister-in-chief” for Speaker Boehner’s so-called Plan B bill that raised taxes back in 2012, Plan B was a largely symbolic exercise meant to grease what conservatives viewed as a misguided effort to cut a budget deal with President Obama.

Our friend Rep. Paul Broun (R., Ga.) spoke for many conservatives when he told The Wall Street Journal he was opposed to “Plan B” because the bill allowed a tax increase without spending cuts and would perpetuate the tax-and-spend cycle. "We've got to stop spending or we'll be going down the road that Greece is on, and we'll wind up taxing everybody in this country," said Broun.

As this brief review of the record shows, Kevin McCarthy and Pete Sessions long ago disqualified themselves for the leadership of a House Republican Conference that was elected on a platform of governing America according to conservative principles. House Republicans should avoid elevating someone who is as bad as or worse than Eric Cantor is on the conservative agenda to replace him in the number two spot in the House Republican leadership. 

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The republican party is the definition of insanity. They seem determined to grab defeat out of the jaws of victory. There is little doubt that the party is controlled by Progressives. There should be enough conservatives in congress to wrestle control away from Progressives.

New House Majority Leader

I agree wholeheartedly. Why replace one RINO with another RINO who is just as bad or worse. The people have spoken when they did not re-elect Eric Cantor. It is about time that the Republican establishment starts listening to the average voter out here before they all find themselves out of a job AND a party.