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End the GOP Establishment’s Arrogance of Power: Support Raul Labrador for House Majority Leader

Raul Labrador for House Majority Leader

Less than a week ago House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in Virginia’s Republican primary. Cantor subsequently resigned as Majority Leader, the second ranking leadership position in the House.

Conservative euphoria over Cantor’s defeat and the nomination of Dave Brat, a candidate much truer to the constitution and economic liberty than Cantor, quickly turned to concern that Cantor’s defeat would elevate House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to the Majority Leader’s position.

Enter conservative Congressman Raul Labrador (ID-1) who has become the conservative alternative to McCarthy.

Labrador’s somewhat late entry into the race to be the next House Majority Leader sparked a small media frenzy as commentators and observers of the political scene sifted his record trying to figure out “how conservative” is conservative enough to be an alternative to McCarthy. 

Labrador has a 77% score from Heritage Action for America compared to McCarthy’s 42% and Cantor’s 52%, so that would make Labrador the most conservative member of the House leadership team.

Labrador’s Heritage Action score puts him a few points behind conservative stalwart Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama and a point above Kentucky’s liberty-minded Congressman Thomas Massie, whom we endorsed in his hotly contested primary in 2012.

But even more important than Labrador’s score on the conservative agenda is the attitude and habits of mind Raul Labrador would bring to the position of House Majority Leader.

A longtime friend of ours who lives in Labrador’s district, and who has been active in his campaigns since he first ran for office and defeated Eric Cantor’s handpicked candidate in the primary several years ago, said this in recommendation of him for Majority Leader:

“I can, without reservation, tell you that Raul is unwavering in his commitment to conservative principles. He is a gentleman, polite, smart, always prepared, humble, confident, focused, approachable and charming.”

Contrast that to the arrogance of power that Eric Cantor, Speaker John Boehner, Whip Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the Republican establishment on Capitol Hill routinely exhibit.

If you sift through the thousands of votes Congress has taken since Raul Labrador was elected in 2010 you can no doubt find one with which you disagree, but the contest for Majority Leader is not between Kevin McCarthy and some hypothetical perfect conservative. It is between McCarthy and the only conservative in the race – Raul Labrador.

We urge our conservative friends in Congress to vote for Raul Labrador for House Majority Leader when the House Republican Conference meets on June 19. And we urge our conservative friends at the grassroots to let their Representative know that conservatives are backing Raul Labrador not just because we want a more conservative House Republican leadership, but because we also want an end to the arrogance of power that led to Eric Cantor’s defeat.

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