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CHQ Exclusive: Mike Pence Commits to Fighting Against More Short-Term Budget Fixes

By Christopher Bedford | 3/17/11

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN), a Tea Party favorite and likely candidate for Indiana governor in 2012, told ConservativeHQ (CHQ) on Wednesday that conservatives are preparing for the final budget battle of 2011 in three weeks.

Pence said Tuesday's passage of a three-week budget resolution was a "family discussion" among conservatives and is yesterday's news. While he applauded the $6 billion in cuts achieved in the latest budget, he made it clear that, "three weeks from now [Republicans] have to dig in and fight to make sure [Tuesday's] is the last [continuing resolution] on a short term basis."

Though he agreed that Republicans, "are all committed to fighting for fiscal sanity and reform," Pence has strayed from comfortable GOP doctrine by stressing the importance of sticking to contentious budget issues – such as an end to tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood. 

Against his liberal critics, he said, "standing up for the values of the American people in the way we spend the peoples' money is not a social issue – it's a fiscal issue."

And to those who question the combativeness, Pence said, "We are not going to resolve the issues – we are not going to fundamentally change the fiscal nature of this country – without a fight, without a confrontation."

"I think the American people," he concluded, "are on [Republicans'] side for a down payment on fiscal responsibility, including defunding Obamacare and...defunding Planned Parenthood."

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Thanks. But you appear to be alone!

Well at least ONE Republican is willing to live up to all of those campaign promises. At least ONE Republican realizes that unless & until they stand tall & refuse any new 'continuing resolutions' for additional spending, all we will get are Democrats making total fool's of Republicans and their maneuvering us through the rest of this year & perhaps next until they can tell the public Republicans failed to get a budget passed. It failed only because the Republicans failed to demand Democrats put up or shut up. It failed because so many fear a government shut down. I suggest strongly that may not be a bad thing. In fact, it may turn out to be a good thing.  So thanks Rep. Pence for standing tall. I am sorry you appear to be alone. I do truly wish YOU had become our Speaker. Then we may have gotten some real action on issues 'we the people' are taking extremely seriously!