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Seven House Republicans Vote Against Defunding NPR

By Adam Cassandra | 3/17/11

Seven Republicans in the House of Representatives broke ranks with their GOP colleagues Thursday and voted against a bill to end the taxpayer funding of National Public Radio (NPR).

The House vote of 228-192 was largely along party lines with seven Republicans voting against the bill, and one Republican,  Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), voting present.

Representatives Sean Duffy (R-WI), Chris Gibson (R-NY), Richard Hanna (R-NY), Steven LaTourette (R-OH), Dave Reichert (R-WA), Pat Tiberi (R-OH) and Rob Woodall (R-GA) voted to keep funding NPR with American tax dollars.

NPR faced a storm of criticism from conservatives after the release of an undercover video by investigative journalist James O’Keefe showed NPR executives holding an extreme liberal bias, and attacking conservatives and the Tea Party.

While the bill passed the House with ease, it may face a tough haul in the Democrat controlled Senate. The bill would ban any federal money from going to NPR, including funding through competitive grants from federal agencies and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. NPR receives about $5 million annually in such funds. The bill would also prohibit NPR’s roughly 600 member stations from using federal funds to purchase programming from NPR and to pay station dues.

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The evidence presented by O'Keefe is not enough for these so-called republicans ae they re-entering the deaf, blind and mentally incapacitated stage again,  is there a season in which ignorance is a common way of life for them?      Were it not for Constitutional Law and the American appreciation of such guidance, these clowns would have been kicked out of their comfy office in a heartbeat.

NPR (Nationalist Party Radio)

It would appear that in last Novembers' elections, we used a BROOM when we should have used a POWER WASHER!!! You know how it is. Brooms MISS some the stuff HIDING in the deep, dark corners out of sight. Kind of like COCKROACHES. They often hide right out in PLAIN SIGHT, blending in with their surroundings.

Well, there is a WONDERFULL thing that reminds me of how BLACK FLAG (the bug stuff) works on bugs. It is called a RE-CALL. Works equally well on elected officials. "Kills" their political career "DEAD"!! Not many, if ANY survive a thorough "Treatment".  It's MY opinion we need to "De-Bug" the House & clear out those desease carrying "Cockroaches" for GOOD!!! 

NPR Funding

These seven RINO's need to go. Obviously, we didn't clean house well enough in 2010. If these clowns can't see the fiscal mess we're in and that a simple decision like defunding NPR is controversial to them, then they don't understand the full magnitude of our national problem. Conservative constituents in those districts, make sure those representatives don't serve beyond their current terms in office. They still haven't gotten it yet.

NPR defunding

I absolutely agree with these comments; if these clowns want to vote like the libtards then they should get out of the Conservative party and join theirs.

NPR defunding

"if these clowns want to vote like the libtards then they should get out of the Conservative party and join theirs"

Those 'clowns' as you so rightly call them are NOT 'Conservatives'. They are REPUBLICANS. There can be (and often is) a HUGE difference between the two!

Fundung NPR.

If our tax dollars can fund NPR why can't then fund Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Fox News, Laura Ingrahm and other conservative media.  The point is that NPR and PBS are a mouthpiece of the left and espouses policies that are politically at odds with capitalism, and projects policies of the left that undermine America security, prosperity and equality.  If you ask fo example I will tell you listen to NPR for a couple of months.  If you hear exactly what you want to hear then you are already an advocate of leftwing politics.  If you can be objective and have some understanding of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers and the American system of jurisprudence you  will know that NPR is subversive. 


Funding NPR/PBS

This argument against public radio, tv or any other media should not be about whether they are right wing, left wing or totally apolitical. Where can we find justification Constitutionally to support any such enterprise with our tax dollars. That justification is NOT there. So, tax dollars to support it should not be there either.

Very good point made here.

Very good point made here.