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Shutdown Fight About to Get Heated

 By Carrie Budoff Brown and Jake Sherman - Politico | 3/18/11

The risk of a government shutdown this time around may rest on words, not dollar figures.

The plainest divide between President Barack Obama and the House Republican majority centers on controversial policy dictates laced throughout the GOP budget plan. The language to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year restricts funding for health care, Planned Parenthood, Wall Street reform and climate change — cultural touchstones that awaken their respective political bases like nothing else.


For Democrats, who’ve already gone further on spending cuts than even they expected, the legislative riders are a step too far. They can compromise on trims, but not on principles, they say.


But House Speaker John Boehner’s Republican caucus is dug in and divided — with some members prepared to shutter the government in a drive to press ideological battles they have long fought.


And the tricky part for both sides is that, while Boehner and the president can probably do some horse-trading on money — a feat in itself — some members say no compromise is possible on bedrock beliefs like abortion and given uniform opposition to Obama’s health care law.


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