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Tennessee: If You Want Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens Vote Lamar Alexander

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Establishment Republicans who are challenged by limited government constitutional conservatives can’t really run on their records.  Because when their record is known, unless they swamp their opponent with money, they lose.
Case in point is Tennessee’s incumbent establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander.
Alexander recently completed a bus tour to wind-up his campaign in his closely fought primary with principled limited government constitutional conservative Joe Carr. Senator Alexander was forced to literally run away from people asking him questions about his support for amnesty and the hated Gang of Eight Senate immigration bill which he supported.
You can see video and hear the testimony of some who tried to ask Alexander questions about immigration and see his shameful performance through this link.
Joe Carr has relentlessly attacked incumbent establishment Republican Senator Alexander for his vote in favor of amnesty, regularly pointing out the devastating effect amnesty will have on Tennessee’s hard pressed working families.
"Lamar Alexander's support of amnesty paved the way for our current border crisis and is a direct attack on America's workers," said Carr.  "Tennessee's working families have a right to know whether Lamar Alexander will continue his support of amnesty.  It is unacceptable for Tennessee's senior Senator to remain silent on this growing national crisis that his support of amnesty helped cause. Lamar needs to come out of hiding and explain himself."
Well, it’s Primary Election Day in Tennessee and Lamar Alexander is still in hiding.
As our friend Michael Warren of The Weekly Standard reported, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told radio host Laura Ingraham Tuesday that if President Barack Obama proceeds to amnesty thousands of illegal immigrants through executive order, Republicans should make the case against such a move the party's "number one" campaign issue for the 2014 midterm elections.
We think Newt is exactly right, which makes us wonder how an amnesty supporter like Lamar Alexander does that, when he and Obama come down on the same side on the end goal. Probably Alexander fights Obama on amnesty the same way Mitt Romney fought Obama on Obamacare – he won’t.
When the Joe Carr for Senate campaign released its first television ad of the campaign – “Crisis in America” – we made a point of bringing it to the attention of our readers. Its message is even more important today than it was when the ad first ran back in June.

There’s a crisis in America; thousands of illegal aliens are over-running our border.
President Obama created this crisis only after Lamar Alexander voted for amnesty.
He is responsible.
I’m State Representative Joe Carr and like you, I opposed amnesty and believe in the rule of law.
I’ve written and passed some of the toughest illegal immigration laws in the country.
I will do the same in Washington.
I’m Joe Carr and I approve this message.

To our friends in Tennessee, we say if you want to repel the invasion of our southern border then please vote for Joe Carr. If you want amnesty for millions illegal aliens, as do President Obama and establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, then Lamar Alexander is your man.

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