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Rick Perry: Democrats' "Lawfare" Indictment Backfires

Rick Perry
The politically motivated “lawfare” indictment of Republican Governor Rick Perry by a partisan Democrat District Attorney and Special Prosecutor was intended to cast a pall over Perry’s 2016 presidential aspirations before they ever really got off the ground.
But it is starting to look to us like the indictment has had exactly the opposite of that effect because it has made Perry look like the one thing voters of both the right and center are starving for – a man (or woman) with principles.
According to The Washington Post’s Sean Sullivan, “Conservative activists in Iowa and New Hampshire aren't shying away. Even a well-known Democratic strategist has suggested the case against him may be flimsy.”
For a politician who is openly weighing another run for president, says Sullivan, it's a welcome turn of events: While politicians embroiled in legal fights of this magnitude typically find few public allies, Perry has been quickly backed by a small army of conservative supporters.
"Kind of  ironically, it's helped him," Craig Robinson, founder of the Iowa Republican, a conservative news Web site told Sullivan. "I think people kind of see this as an overreach, and he's kind of the victim."
WaPo’s Sullivan reports that David Kochel, who was Mitt Romney's top Iowa advisor, said the particulars of the Perry case -- he vetoed funding to an anti-corruption unit after a district attorney who pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated refused to step down -- will endear him to conservatives in the first-in-the-nation caucus state.
"I think he comes out of this looking like a champion for ethical government," said Kochel.
And we think it has also exposed the far left’s campaign of “lawfare” against Republicans in a way that most in the establishment media would have dismissed as rightwing conspiracy craziness a few months ago.
Now even the most tone deaf in the establishment media are beginning to find it a bit strange that every time a Republican governor starts to get national attention for doing a good job he suddenly finds himself the target of a partisan Democrat prosecutor with a creatively drawn indictment in his or her hand.
Witness the long drawn out prosecutorial fishing expedition Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker has been subjected to in the wake of his successful campaign against being recalled and his subsequent reelection.
And how about the investigation of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in the wake of “Bridgegate” just as he was rising in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire last spring? Bridgegate may have shown Christie to be a bully or to have hired some especially unpleasant people as his staff, but criminal – give us a break.
As our friend Mike Flynn over at Breitbart put it, “The Perry indictment will likely not stand legal scrutiny. It is evidence, however, of how far the left will go to achieve their political ends. With polling turning sharply against President Obama and the policies of the left, this ‘lawfare’ against Republicans will increase.”

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