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Will Rudy Giuliani Run for President in 2012?

By Maggie Haberman - Politico | 3/21/11

Rudy Giuliani, who's looking at a presidential do-over after falling from first to last in 2008, faces long odds of becoming the Granite State’s next “Comeback Kid.”

The former New York City mayor, scorched in his presidential campaign in this friendly-to-moderates New England state, remains a draw as a national celebrity and received a standing ovation Friday night when he was introduced to Manchester Republicans as “America’s Mayor.”

But if he went for a repeat in 2012, he would face a crushing load of amends to make with the state’s voters. He'd have to do things “the New Hampshire way” — sitting in strangers’ living rooms, eating off their dishes, and holding town hall meetings, over and over again. The 2012 election, a cycle featuring a slew of candidates with prior runs and musty careers, would clearly be Giuliani's last gasp at a national race, since the space he occupies in the national party may be filled next time by another former prosecutor, Chris Christie.

FULL ARTICLE: Rudy Giuliani and New Hampshire: High Stakes and Long Odds in 2012.

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