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Who Killed The American Family?

Phyllis Schlafly
In her latest book, Who Killed The American Family?, Phyllis Schlafly (who just turned 90) has lost none of the incisive analytical ability or passion for conservative principles that launched her onto the national political stage 50 years ago with the publication of A Choice Not An Echo.
Everyone knows the American family is in trouble, but Shlafly’s premise is that if the American family is in trouble, then liberty itself is in jeopardy because “Every successful civilization has placed the responsibility for rearing the next generation with mothers and fathers. Replacing that proven practice with the notion that a ‘village’ should raise children is a radical departure from the traditional rule and the agenda of the globalists who are bent on usurping our God-given rights.”
Phyllis begins by stating an obvious, but not always recognized point: “We hardly hear of anyone today standing up for the proposition that traditional civil marriage is essential to society because it provides the legal construct under which a couple voluntarily accepts the rights and responsibilities for the resulting children.”
And she’s right. You can’t find a TV show, popular work of fiction, or other cultural influence that celebrates and promotes the notion that a family made-up of a man, woman and the resulting children is not just one of many equally desirable possibilities.
Many conservatives tend to stop their analysis of the death of the American family with the conclusion that culture is the problem, but in Who Killed The American Family?, Mrs. Schlafly goes much deeper to argue in essence that it is Big Government itself that is killing the American family and that the same lawless forces that allow government to trample on property rights and other essential liberties are also killing the family.
Phyllis makes a particularly compelling case that family courts have become one of the greatest of the present dangers to liberty pointing out that family court judges in states such as New York thumb their noses at laws regarding open hearings and conduct their business in private closed-door hearing that are almost always a matter of judicial discretion.
The result concludes Mrs. Schlafly is that “Family courts are considered to be the lowest in the judicial hierarchy, but they are actually the most powerful, activist, and unaccountable of all courts. They control millions of families and vast amounts of private money and property."
This says Schlafly “show[s] that family courts are now an arm of government that routinely exercises virtually unlimited power to dictate the private lives and incomes of millions of American citizens who have committed no actionable offense.”
But Schlafly doesn’t stop her analysis of who killed the American family at courts and culture.
One of the great strengths of Who Killed The American Family? is that in addition to providing a host of well documented statistics on families and child-rearing, it also connects the dots and explains how feminists, judges, the so-called “experts,” radical homosexuals, the media, the schools and colleges, meddling bureaucrats  and especially politicians have contributed to the demise of the American family.
But Phyllis Schlafly doesn’t stop with criticism, and just as she did in A Choice, Not An Echo, and many of her other 20 books, she provides readers with a way home based solidly in conservative principles, from ending the welfare state to rejecting the self-proclaimed power of judges to define marriage and its relationship to children and society.
Who Killed The American Family? is essential reading for anyone who wishes to not only preserve the family as the basic and most important building block of society, but as the basic bulwark of liberty itself. And, as the only book we have seen that connects the dots between the causes and cures for what is killing the American family, it is also essential reading for any politician who wishes to govern according to conservative principles.

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Who killed the American Family

While Obama certainly has done his fair share the liberal democrat thinking has killed the American Family!

Who killed the American Family

Although I agree with all that Phyllis says, I must add the fact that THE FAILURE of The Body Of Christ/Church (at large) is what allowed Satan and government -at all levels- to destroy the family.
When those who call themselves Christians fall into Satan's trap of worldly desires and self interest; then there must be a very serious problem with those who are leading the CHURCH too.
Materialism, MONEY HAS BECOME GOD TO SO MANY, will cause even more damage at every level of society. Look at our NATIONAL DEBT and the world economy.

I deeply believe that we must start with Transforming The Church in order to have any hope of reversing the decline in American and the world society.