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Levin: Don't Listen to Ron Paul on Libya

By Jeff Poor - The Daily Caller | 3/23/11

One of the most outspoken critics of President Barack Obama has been conservative talk show host Mark Levin. But on his Tuesday evening syndicated radio program, Levin stuck up for Obama — at least as far as his right to use U.S. military force against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya.

The president has had his share of critics on the issue of using military force in recent days – both on the right and the left, and some have even questioned the constitutionality the intervention. However, according Levin’s interpretation of the president’s constitutional authority, a formal declaration of war from Congress is not required for him to proceed with strikes against Libya.

FULL STORY: Mark Levin defends constitutionality of Obama’s Libya policy: ‘Don’t listen to Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich’

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That is the best word to describe this neocon puppet. Anyone who falls into his trap is blind to the men behind the curtain and these are not gentle hearted wizards but they do a great job of making your money disapear.  Levin needs to go the way of the rest of the neocon dinasaurs, extinct and the sooner the better off we all will be.


How long have you been practicing Constitutional law? I hope you have a background because you really don't sound to good at this.

Ignorant people will always be among us

Darn toot'in right. So Mark, show us where it is in the Constitution that gives the warlord-in-chief to attack another country when they haven't attacked us. Can you actually prove that Libya is a immediate threat to the USA? Is his air force already on the way over here? If you can't prove it; then SHUT UP.