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Wisconsin Union Battle Takes New Form

By Christopher Bedford - 3/23/11


On the Wisconsin budget battle, the biggest news conservatives aren't talking about is the Left's concerted effort to unseat a sitting conservative Wisconsin Supreme Court justice. While millions are being spent by union supporters, the Right has barely begun a campaign to save the seat which is up for grabs on April 5, 2011 – only thirteen days away.


The contest pits 12-year Wisconsin Supreme Court incumbent David Prosser against former assistant attorney general JoAnne Kloppenburg. Prosser is a conservative, and is the former Republican minority leader in the Wisconsin legislature. In light of the likeliness Gov. Scott Walker's union law will come before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Prosser's past politics have suddenly become a lightning rod for union anger.


Wisconsin Supreme Court elections occur every ten years and are rarely political. In the past they have had low participation, with the average voter turnout at a mere 22 percent. This year, however, millions of dollars have been pumped into commercials slamming Prosser's Republican ties and trying to turn the election into a referendum on Gov. Walker.


The budget battle of the past two months inflicted serious damage on Walker's popularity. Though only three months prior he won the statewide election 52 percent to 45 percent, polling now shows those numbers reversed. If attempts to link Walker to Prosser succeed, it is possible that Prosser will become the first incumbent to lose a Wisconsin Supreme Court election since 1967 – giving the Left a secure voice on the Supreme Court for at least ten years.


A recent ruling by Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi (whose son is a union activist) placed a temporary restraining order on the passage of Walker's bill ending public union collective bargaining. With the Wisconsin attorney general appealing, it is likely the decision will come down to the seven Justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The left understands this is the new front in their battle against Wisconsin tax payers. With only thirteen days left before the election, conservatives had better act fast.

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New Judge

The judge and her should be overturned due to prejudice. With her son being a union member her ruling is questionable