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Obama’s Gift to America is Fear. Who Will Keep America Safe?

Civil War End The Fear

The announcement that President Barack Obama was sending American troops to Liberia and had authorized the call-up of National Guard units for the mission, while at the same time leaving our southern border almost completely undefended and unenforced should be greeted with outrage – no just plain rage – by every American.

If there was ever a single act that was a metaphor for Barack Obama’s entire tenure as President this is it.

It sums-up in one outrageous act the hubris, the arrogance, the lies, the warped priorities, and the failed leadership of a man who is rapidly destroying not just the government he leads, but the comity and political stability upon which Americans built the greatest nation on Earth.

In the span of six short years the trust Americans have in their government has sunk to near record lows – comparable to the constitutional crisis of Watergate that forced a president from office.

A substantial segment of the American body politic has decided that the President is an untrustworthy liar, and this has rendered the government he heads as unworthy of trust as well.

But the destruction of the President’s credibility would normally be seen as a political problem that could be remedied by the next election, except that with the destruction of Obama’s credibility has come a new phenomenon for Americans – living every day with fear for one’s safety, and the safety of one’s family.

Never before, or certainly not since the dark days immediately following the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor that brought America into World War II, has fear been an every day, every hour, every minute phenomenon in American society.

But today, thanks to Barack Obama, fear is everywhere in America.

Fear of attack by the savage radical Muslims who behead an Oklahoma grandmother while she’s peacefully finishing a day’s work; fear that one will lose their job and simply never find work again; fear that our borders have broken down – or rather been intentionally let down – and the country will be overwhelmed with illegal aliens; fear that one’s children will be paralyzed or die from diseases the source of which has been carefully concealed from the American public; fear that Obama’s arrogance, lies and incompetence have allowed Ebola to enter the United States and spread here; and finally, fear that Barack Obama’s government has become both untrustworthy and out-of-control, no longer the servant, but the master of the citizens who created it.

In his powerful speech before the Young Men's Lyceum of Springfield, Illinois (January 27, 1838) Abraham Lincoln asked, “At what point shall we expect the approach of danger?”

Lincoln famously answered that question by saying if destruction “ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

Destruction has indeed sprung up among us. 

On November 4, 2014 there will be an election. Each of us has a vote, and that vote is an opportunity to decide whether or not to end the fear, and each vote is an opportunity to turn our country away from the path of national suicide that Lincoln foresaw and that Barack Obama has set us upon.

The election is a mere 18 days away and there is really only one candidate and one question on the ballot: who will end the fear and keep us safe? Only you, with your vote, can end the fear and make America safe once again. This year, vote like your life, and the life of your country depend upon it – because they do.

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I and many others agree with what was said in the above article. I personally will not vote for anyone that runs under the sign of the jackass so Republicans will get all my votes. The question with me is will the Republicans gain as much as they should this election given the totally miserable performance of this so called president, and my expectation is that they will not. In my mind, the Republicans have a couple of big faults one of ehich is that they have a strong tendancy to cave in to what the commie/Nazis in the Congress want. These people call themselves Democrats. Another fault that I see is that they stand for nothing. I think that if they would say that "We stand for freedom and prosperity and we are going to eliminate tyranny and dispair in our country and we will return to the use of common sense in Government by reducing the size of the Government, paying down the debt, lowering taxes, totally revamping or elininating the income tax, and generally getting out of the way of the American people so that they can do their thing," then they would do far better than they will eventually do in this election. All they are saying now is that they are against Ovomit. That isn't enough. We need to know what they are for. We want people that stand for God and country and they make no bones about it. If they will do that, I think they would have vastly more support than they do now.

Good Post

Well said Republican. You are correct the GOP has to stand firm if they want to end this nightmare for the legal citizens of this country. BO has terrorized this country enough and we do need some real leadership. Right now that eliminates the Speaker of the House. That man has been ready to follow BO and the dems right over the cliff and it is just amazing how many more republicans have followed suit. If it was not for the knuckleheads in the house who would not follow Bon'er in his pursuit of the Gang of Eight Amnesty we would have had this threatened amnesty months ago. Bon'er himself called his mavericks knuckleheads and I did not hesitate to remind him that the constituents appreciated the representatives who held the line.. We need to remove the dems in this November election and then fire BO with the new congress. And we need to all tell Bon'er and his other followers to listen up and do what the constituents are demanding OR ELSE it is his head on the next election and that of any other followers in the Republican ranks. No more special interest or big business politics as usual. The legal constituents are fed up. Are all you Republicans listening?