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Richard Viguerie

To capture the high-tech digital tactics of today’s political campaigns and also to encourage my limited government constitutional conservative friends to do what is necessary to save America, I’ve come up with a “hashtag” that reflects what we conservatives must do when we vote in many elections this year: #HoldYourNose2014

The inspiration for this hashtag came on Sunday courtesy of Mitt Romney, who treated FOX News viewers to an extended lesson in why many Republican candidates continue to struggle to close the deal with voters who are desperate to rid America of Barack Obama and his congressional allies.
Billed by FOX as “the de facto leader of the Republican Party” the Republican establishment’s failed 2012 presidential candidate told Chris Wallace “Look, the question is whether or not anything will get done in Washington.”
As I recently told J.D. Hayworth of NewsMax TV, "In my 50 plus years at the national level of the conservative movement, I've observed that the Republicans never win big unless they nationalize the election… “and this year the national leadership of the Republican Party has been an "abysmal failure" in conveying a national message to the American people.
And in terms of nationalizing the election Mitt Romney had it exactly backwards; the question for conservatives is not will anything “get done?” That would clearly necessitate the same kind of compromises that Republicans have been making with President Obama for the past six years.
For us limited government constitutional conservatives the question to be settled by this election is will anything “get undone?”
Will Obama’s policy of granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens be undone? Will his failed national security policies that have not just allowed, but encouraged, the rise of the savage radical Muslims of ISIS and the Islamic State be undone? And will the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption with which Obama and his Democratic allies have poisoned our government be undone?

While the tone deaf national leaders of the Republican Party continue to try to sell the notion that this election is about “getting something done,” conservatives understand that what the election is really all about is undoing the policies of Barack Obama, not compromising with him to grow government.

Throughout the six years of his campaign to fundamentally change America, the leaders of the many battles to undo Obama’s policies have not been establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney, the leaders of those battles have been the Republican Party’s bright young limited government constitutional conservatives, like Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, allied with the Senate’s conservative tiger, Jeff Sessions of Alabama.
Despite Republican candidates' (like Thom Tillis of North Carolina) often muddled effort to communicate them, the election really is about the issues of national security, ending Obama’s culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption and stopping his planned amnesty for millions of illegal aliens.
And the only way to advance conservative government on those issues is to empower Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions with a Republican majority in the Senate.
Let's face it, to get that Senate Republican majority many conservatives are going to have to #HoldYourNose2014 and vote for Republican candidates, like Tillis and South Dakota's Mike Rounds, who may have failed to nationalize the election, but who will provide the majority that will give Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions the tools they need to begin to undo Obama’s policies and save our country.
I’ve said throughout this year’s campaign conservatives must vote this year like their lives depend upon it, because they do, and that means voting for Republican candidates for the Senate, even if you have to #HoldYourNose2014.

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What does this really mean.

So this is what it's come down to? Which party's voters can hold their noses to put up with the worst stink. Let's hope we win this election, but if we don't make changes in leadership in both houses, we won't have won a thing. We will just have lost less. A win tomorrow must be followed up with changes in Republican leadership, or we won't have won squat.

From Richard and CHQ Team