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Pre-Election Fun: Republicans Spook Dems on Twitter

liberal halloween

The hashtags #LiberalHalloweenTraditions and #DemocratHorrorMovies made a big splash on Twitter this season, sending liberals into full-on tizzy mode. 

As promised, here's a selection of just some of our favorite tweets that used these hashtags. Enjoy!

    • - ‏@YankReb69: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions Instead of "Trick or Treat!", children of liberals say, "Give us
         candy! We're entitled to it!"...
    • - @AmyMek: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions - Pretend You Are A Poor Minority & Demand Everyone Gives
         You Their Candy! 
    • ‏- @DeepSouthProud: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions Take a tour through a haunted ghost town. Like Detroit.
    • - @PubliusHawking: #liberalhalloweentraditions Ruth Bader Ginsburg opinion that saying "Trick or Treat" is
        racist to nonEnglish speakers 
    • - @pinkartgurl59: "I see dead people voting." #LiberalHalloweenTraditions
    • - ‏@ScottInSC: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions Carving Jill-O-Lanterns because Jack-O-Lanterns are sexist.
    • - @PubliusHawking: #liberalhalloweentraditions create Candy Czar to ensure candy makers paid $15/hr and
         are union members 
    • - @Artist_Angie: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions Passing out Legos instead of toys & taunting the children saying
        "You Didn't Build That"
    • - @LibsBeLike: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions Go to rich folks neighborhood Steal everything Claim its not
         enough. Demand daily candy 
    • ‏- @AFPColorado: #LiberalHalloweenTraditions Celery sticks and apple slices because candy is evil.
         #TurnipForWhat #tcot #COpolitics 
    • - @lindarutter: My son got twice the amount of candy as my daughter. He walked 10x the streets she did, not
         fair!#LiberalHalloweenTraditions #WarOnWomen
    • - @lindarutter: If you can't afford to hand out the big sized candy bars, then we must #RaiseTheWage
    • - @rshackelford14: Get dressed up in work clothes... One day a year #LiberalHalloweenTraditions
    • - @ScotsFyre: #LiberalHalloweenTraditionsHunting all the folks wearing Obama masks & reporting them
         to DOJ
      - @KurtSchlichter: #DemocratHorrorMovies Attack of the People Who Support Themselves
      - @bilbo_baggens: #DemocratHorrorMovies Gone Girl staring Mary Landrieu
      - @suzyspeaksthetr: #DemocratHorrorMovies Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.
      - @ag_texas: The Pelosi Witch Project #DemocratHorrorMovies
      - @hapkidobigdad: #DemocratHorrorMovies It Takes A Village of the Damned
      - @Artist_Angie #DemocratHorrorMovies The Silence of the Land of the Free.
      - @jensan1332: #DemocratHorrorMovies Outbreak #Ebola

Our top pick was posted by @kesgardner who tweeted: "#DemocratHorrorMovies How about an actual clip from an actual movie?"

He then linked to a black and white movie clip of "The Ghost Breakers" (1940) starring Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard, and Richard Carlson. Hope's character asks Carlson's character, "Maybe you know what a zombie is." Carlson's character replies, "When a person dies and is buried, it seems there's a certain voodoo priest who has the power to bring him back to life. It's worse than horrible because a zombie has no will of his own. You see them sometimes walking around blindly with dead eyes, following orders, not knowing what they do, not caring." Hope chimes in, "You mean, like Democrats?" Priceless!

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