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Send Obama Democrats A Message: A GOP Blowout Means “NO” To Fundamentally Changing America

Send Obama A Message

In the closing days of the 2014 midterm election many conservatives remain frustrated that Republicans have failed to nationalize the election on the issues of national security, ending Obama’s culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption and stopping amnesty for illegal aliens.

This frustration has left some limited government constitutional conservatives thinking “maybe I should stay home” or vote for some write-in or third party candidate as a form of protest against the leaders of the establishment GOP.

To those who may see the election in those terms I say, “My friends, I’ve been there, I understand your frustration, but you are sending a message to the wrong Party.”

And in reality, despite the abysmal failure of the GOP’s national leadership to fight the campaign on the three national issues I think are most important, the election has been nationalized on a broader theme – a simple rejection of Barack Obama’s failed policies and his stated goal of fundamentally changing America.

In some measure this has nothing to do with the messaging of the national leadership of the Republican Party, which has largely been content-free or even worse about the kind of Big Government Republicanism that lost the GOP the 2012 presidential election.

Republican candidates across the country have slowly inched even or ahead of their Democratic opponents because a perfect storm of events, such as the Middle East going up in the flames of radical Islam and the deadly Ebola crisis, have deprived the Democrats of the microphone through which they could sell their traditional anti-Republican messages; the non-existent “war on women,” redistributing the wealth of the “rich,” and divisive race-baiting lies about Republican candidates and policies.

Just as military leaders are sometimes guilty of fighting the last war, Democrats this year are guilty of fighting the last election.

Democrats are so wrapped-up in the gender politics of 2012 that they lacked the imagination to see that female voters might be more likely to vote for candidates who promise to destroy the savage Islamic State than those who promise to prevent a condom shortage, as an ad from a pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America and its Colorado arm suggested as a reason to support the re-election of Colorado Democratic Senator Mark Udall.

Thus, it never got through to Democrats that the independent center of the American electorate might see radical Muslims selling girls and women into slavery, beheading women and hanging women who kill their rapists as the real “war on women.”

And that is why the message “Who Will Keep Us Safe?” is so powerful, and why I urge you to pass along one of the following videos to everyone on your email contact list; “Who Will Keep Us Safe?” is a message your friends, family, church members and anyone who hasn’t yet voted should see before they vote or the polls close.

Save America in 72 Sec. Video

Facebook Friendly 42 Sec. Video

Tweet Worthy 30 Sec. Video

President Obama said that although he was not on the ballot, “…make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”

He’s right, and it is the President and the policies he is using to try to fundamentally change America that are being rejected, along with his Democratic allies.

And that is why it is so important that we conservatives send the Obama Democrats the strongest possible message that America rejects their policies – even when that means voting for a Republican candidate who hasn’t really campaigned on our issues.

And it especially means voting even if you think your vote isn’t important because the Republican is sure to win, or that you think your vote “doesn’t count” because the Republican is sure to lose.

That message isn’t going to get through if disgruntled conservatives scatter their votes among third parties, write-ins or staying home because they are dissatisfied with the national GOP’s content-free campaign strategy.

We conservatives must send a message to Washington that America overwhelmingly rejects Obama’s policies, and that message will only get through if Republican candidates, even in Democratic strongholds, chalk-up big numbers.

If anyone you know has not yet voted, is thinking about staying home this election, voting for a third party candidate or engaging in some kind of protest voting I urge you to immediately email them one of these videos.

Please urge them to watch one of the powerful videos from Fed Up PAC before they head to the polls or the polls close and their opportunity to vote and send a message to Barack Obama and his Democratic allies is lost:

Save America in 72 Sec. Video

Facebook Friendly 42 Sec. Video

Tweet Worthy 30 Sec. Video

On Election Day 2014 this is the most powerful message conservatives can send to Barack Obama and his liberal Democratic allies on Capitol Hill – make this a Republican blowout – vote Republican and say “NO” to Obama’s plan to fundamentally change America.

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Midterms & Illegal Immigration


The last hours are fading away from what you tomorrow, will decide the fate of our nation. It will conclude whether we finally decimate Obama and stamp out his distorted agenda. The clock is ticking—we are almost to the day of the United States reckoning. The national news media are reporting that we have a 96% chance of taking back the Senate.

I will warn you: do not be complacent and think we already have the elections locked up.

In my personal opinion, I have a grudge against the two major parties. The Republicans have been to timid, without any real attack against the other side, whether its Illegal Immigration, which has transpired to be of major concern—not just the out-the-window costs, but our national security. Many of the incumbents have ignored the mess, especially at our Southern border and internal ICE enforcement. Even foreign countries that see us as a friend now recognizes us as less competent; as America losing it influence in the world.

This is not the time for you to back out or back down. Remember WHO we are fighting and WHAT we are fighting? This is a Lib Democratic administration which is overreaching and bypassing any commonsense laws and regulations. An output from major agencies that are undermining free speech, installing Liberal-Communist ‘Political Correction Police’ betraying Conservatives as Racist bigots, against female success; of which some black Americans buy into this propaganda as do the opposite sexes do?

We have to be Tea Party tough, and align ourselves with the GOP establishment in Congress. Fortunately, You know as well as I do that the Tea Party all along has been the only one fighting for our Rule of Law and the peoples Constitution, for We are the People and what everything our Founding Fathers stood for? All we need are six seats. We win them and we can rollback Obama' plans, return America to the people. It is decisive we get out the word that we need our candidates to win.

I hope that all good citizens of America realize that we are fortunate to have some of America's most powerful, dedicated and fiercely loyal Patriots leading the Tea Party charge, even against the brick wall of the career Republicans.

Moderate Conservatives (Tea Party Leaders) Heroes like Sarah Palin, Ben Carson,Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Alan West have stood, sometimes alone, defending America...working to save our democracy from the fate of those who would strip us bear of our liberties.

Republicans have blown many great policies big time in the past and over 300 House Congressional bills have been locked away by repudiating Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid not to be voted on by the Senate. The Republicans have blown it, as the hardliners in the party let victory be snatched away? That is the very reason we got stuck with Obama for 4 more years. Although the newspapers keep it under wraps, there was serious voter fraud, which paved the way for Obama gaining two terms in the White House. In the last few days Colorado radicals were caught stuffing ballot, the same in Arizona and Maryland.

Owing to the utmost importance of every single vote, including the closest of candidate races, TruetoVote a Conservative advocacy organization has taken it upon themselves, to bare witness to irregularities and the poor security in the election process. If you click on True to Vote, they have organized a procedure, so if you have seen violations of the election code or any inconsistencies at the ballot set-up, including voting machines that transfer your Republican vote over to Democrats, you can use you cell phone to report it. Larger illegal alien populations such as California, without ID to be shown at the election precincts should be observed with particular sharp eyes.

And look at the destruction "the Imperialist President" has caused—from destroying our health care system by promoting Obamacare and passing it out unrestricted to Illegal aliens without any thought of the massive cost to taxpayers. Refusing to close the gaps in our Southern border, thus allowing millions of illegally aliens, criminals and some terrorists to stream into America and the chance of unleashing of the Ebola virus, by temporarily banning travelers from West Africa. Then we must not forget the IRS scandal, as not one IRS official as yet was thrown into jail and the endless stream of illegal Executive Orders with no end in sight. The indignities are still arriving, one by one under this administration as spying on the media.

Under Obama’s orders the EPA has crushed the coal industry in N. Virginia and other states and cut back on the peoples land to minimize our access to oil and Natural gas. You know as well as I do that you can't trust Obama's liberal so-called progressives—who are certainly not progressive at all, unless you agree of taking away our freedoms. They will cheat, lie and commit felonies to get what they want. They can't stand the thought of losing this midterm election, for If they lose, their entire radical Marxist, socialist agenda goes down the drain and dependency on a copious government will vanish.

Every living, breathing American citizen of voting age has to step up and get into their local precinct to vote away this Ultra socialistic ideal logy. We must also press a potential new Senate and house to sever the purse strings of President Obama of unloading millions of more illegal aliens into the job market. Sealing the border should be No 1 bill to pass, followed by mandatory E-verify for US ICE agents to scout for dishonest employers hiring cheap labor, instead of Americans and legal resident.

If we fail, we will hand the enemies of our Founding Fathers the final key they need to destroy America.