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Donald Trump and the Birth Certificate

By Jonathan Strong | The Daily Caller - 3/25/11

“Of course I’d release it. In two seconds I’d release it. If I decide to run, I’ll absolutely release it,” Donald Trump said in an interview with The Daily Caller Thursday, referring to his own birth certificate. “I have it right on my desk. I have it right here, right now, right this minute. I am literally looking at it. Because, based on this I said, ‘do me a favor, get me my birth certificate.’ I have my original birth certificate right here.”

Donald Trump has been thinking a lot about birth certificates lately. Indeed, he has made questions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate a pivotal part of his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. And it appears to be working. One recent poll has Trump running fifth in the GOP field, just two points behind former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“There’s a very clear niche in the Republican primary,” said longtime political consultant Roger Stone. “It’s a brilliant base-building move. There’s a very active, fervent subset of voters interested in this.” Stone, who has worked for Trump in years past, says he has no paid role in Trump’s current campaign, though he does allow that the two continue to “talk politics from time to time.”

FULL STORY: Donald Trump's Birth Certificate Strategy.

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birthers justification

There is a youtube video of O addmitting to being born in Kenya . ther is also a video of his original birth certificate from Mombasa Hospital in Kenya . W hat's the question ? He was never elligible and every member of our government is guilty of misprison of tresson , including Judge Alito . Remove this treator from office and hang him by the neck for his offenses ; and drag his accomplises , kicking and screaming , along with him .

Take Down

I agree with Donald Trump in every way and I hope that either him or someone like him will have the intestinal fortitude to take Obama down.  Obama has no right to refuse to produce his long form, original birth certificate.  Due to him keeping it hidden is a proof of guilt that he does NOT belong in the White House but rather, due to his actions and the lack of, he deserves to be locked up in prison for many reasons that are against our country.

He is nothing more than a low life traitor, IN MY OPINION.  He is NOT my president and never will be.  I love our country and can't stand those who would help to bring us down.