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Priebus Joins Viguerie: No GOP Cave In On Obama’s Illegal Amnesty

Priebus and Viguerie
It is hard to recall an issue where Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus has been in accord with the conservative grassroots; from the rules changes at the 2012 Republican National Convention, to the “autopsy” of the 2012 Romney debacle that every 2014 winner ignored, to his attacks on conservative members of the RNC, Priebus has regularly been at odds with the conservative grassroots base of the Republican Party.
But when Priebus issued his “11 principles” that Republicans should stand for and run on in the 2014 midterms it began to look like the RNC Chairman understood that the national leadership of the Republican Party has been seriously out of sync with the conservative voters it needs to win, and that Priebus was prepared to adopt the core conservative agenda if that is what it took to win in 2014.
As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie noted after Priebus’  “11 principles” speech, “RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' speech at George Washington University today is a victory for conservatives and demonstrates that Chairman Priebus recognizes that the reason Republican candidates who are lagging in races they should be winning are behind because conservatives are not going to support them if they favor granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, weakening our national security and won't use the power the Constitution grants Congress to hold Obama and the Democrats accountable for their lies, lawlessness and corruption.”
Viguerie went on to suggest that “Republican Senate candidates who are lagging a month out from the election, such as Thom Tillis in North Carolina and Pat Roberts in Kansas, should take Chairman Priebus' speech as their cue to start campaigning as conservatives and then deliver on that campaign when they get to Washington.”
Tillis and Roberts closed their campaigns on conservative themes and both came away the victors in tough campaigns.
And Roberts has since joined principled conservative Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in promising to use every procedural means available to block Obama’s lawless “Executive Amnesty” for millions of illegal aliens.
Now it looks like the RNC Chairman has joined Viguerie, Cruz and Lee in saying Republicans must draw a line in the sand and fight Obama’s “Executive Amnesty” with every constitutional tool available.
Breitbart’s Jonathan Strong reports that Priebus said in an exclusive interview, “I just want to make sure that he [President Obama] doesn't use executive amnesty – which I believe is an illegal, false choice – in order to push some other type of amnesty that I don't believe is appropriate either…”.
“My point would be on this executive amnesty, that number one we ought to stop it at all costs and not allow the president to do it at all costs, either legislatively or through the courts, but secondly, we not allow the president to use executive amnesty to bring us to the negotiation table, because I think it's inappropriate, and it's wrong, and it's illegal,” Priebus told Strong.
Republicans in Congress, he said, should hold off major issues other than “a continuing resolution, and things such as that” rather than “cutting major policy deals in a lame duck with people that have just been voted out of office.”
Priebus political argument against amnesty was welcome, but what really caught our attention were his statements that executive amnesty is “illegal” and “wrong.” It has been a long time since a Republican National Committee Chairman used language that put the national leadership of the Party on the same page with the limited government constitutional conservative grassroots of the GOP.
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ statements that Obama’s planned executive amnesty is “illegal” and “wrong,” and that Republicans ought to stop it “at all costs” is another win for conservatives.
We don’t know if this signals a permanent change at the RNC, or merely a temporary recognition of what it took for Republicans to win the 2014 midterms, but whatever it is, we welcome Chairman Priebus to the fight for constitutional principles that CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie has been waging for some 50 years.  Now let’s work together and make sure Republicans on Capitol Hill got the message and really will stand and fight to stop Obama’s planned executive amnesty “at all costs.”

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A critical level of involvement

It was due to a high level of involvement on the part of "conservatives" that a landslide was effected. What remains to be seen at this point is a continuation and acceleration of that involvement. The war is not won. The battle is not won. The election was one skirmish along the way. Stay engaged. STAY engaged!!! Stay committed to law, justice and equity. That's what I think about it.

GOP Not To Cave

Priebus doesn't hold elected office. So it's nice that he's against amnesty, but his vote doesn't count for much. I'd far rather hear this from McCain, McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Flake and other GOP senators who have favored Amnesty in the past.

Of course, if Obama's going to do their dirty work for them and allow Democrats to take the blame for amnesty being implemented, the next question is "what will Republicans do to rescind it following its implementation?" Will they actually do something or will they just cry crocodile tears and do nothing?

Pardon my pessimism, but past experience leads me to believe that they will do exactly nothing of any import.

Priebus grows a brain?

Priebus is a "half a loaf" kind of shill, but if he is REALLY serious about fighting the idiot in the White House on executive amnesty, then he finally has something right. So good on him, but verify. This guy is a flake and has hurt the Republican cause on more than one occasion. Let's see if he is for real on this latest "proclamation."

Not Likely

It's not likely that the GOP will do anything about amnesty. Too many of our senators were for it. Further, the GOP's chosen 2012 presidential nominee, Romney, was in favor of it -- as are the Bush crowd, now presently interviewing on Fox and putting out a book. Who thinks this is not in support of Jeb Bush -- a man I would never vote for???

Reince Priebus is pure GOP Establishment. That Establishment is every bit as Democrat as the Democrats, albeit with a modicum of class missing in the Democrat Party. In terms of domestic policy, however, don't worry about why the Democrats always seem to win. That's the Establishment "fix". Good cop to the Democrat "bad cop". Don't take the bait.

We need a party to replace the GOP. They do not represent us.