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GOP Leaders' Hearts and Heads Not in Amnesty Fight

McConnell & Boehner
While President Obama’s speech announcing his plan to issue an executive order granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens was a masterpiece of mendacity, the response of Capitol Hill’s Republican leaders was predictably weak – it is obvious that their hearts and heads are not in the fight.
Anyone who was elected to Congress and took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution would clearly have, not just a political difference with the President’s plan, but a moral obligation to oppose it.
That is why it is idiocy for Republican leaders to constantly repeat that they are taking the power of the purse and impeachment off the table – those are the very tools the constitution bestows upon Congress to rein-in a lawless president.
If Republicans go on offense to unite the country behind them – the millions of voters who just handed the GOP a historic victory in the 2014 election will support them.
House Republicans should immediately pass legislation that directs the President not to spend any money on these illegal acts and defy him to veto it and shut down the government.
Congress has not just the authority, but the responsibility, to use the power of the purse to keep a president within strict constitutional limits and to impeach a president who commits any act that meets the Constitution’s “high crimes and misdemeanors” test.
Senator Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate Republicans, and the presumptive Senate Majority Leader of the next Congress, was virtually MIA after Obama’s speech, saying only that the newly elected Republicans won't tolerate the president's executive action: "When the newly elected representatives of the people take their seats," he said, "they will act."
This sends a strong signal to the Democrats that, between now and January, McConnell does not plan to do anything to force the President to stay within the clear bounds of his constitutional authority and Obama will have at least month and a half to implement his unconstitutional amnesty scheme.
What this tells me is that Senator McConnell and Speaker Boehner are just plain afraid to lead because they are incapable of articulating the constitutional arguments against Obama’s plan and winning the PR battle.
President Abraham Lincoln is alleged to have remarked when General George B. McClellan dithered in attacking the South’s Robert E. Lee that if McClellan wasn’t going to use the Army he’d like to borrow it for a while; conservatives feel exactly the same way about the Republicans in Congress.
If McConnell won’t use the votes he has in the Senate, and Speaker Boehner won’t use the majority he has in the House to stop Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty then they should get out of the way and let conservatives organize the opposition and unite Republicans to use all the tools the Constitution gives them, including defying Obama to shut down the government and impeaching the President if he commits any act that meets the constitutional test.

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If GOP betrays....

IF the GOP betray Americans by NOT fighting Obama's executive order, I and other's I've spoke with will no longer for the GOP. I can only pray we can find a good Libertarian!

GOP need to find their "bones"

It is so frustrating to see the "good ol' boys" giving "symbolic" efforts to oppose Obama - they need to listen to the other members of Congress who are sticking to 1st Principles. Ted Cruz has been absolutely correct, yet McConnell will not listen - why is this? WHY has McConnell got so much animus to those members who are using the Constitution for it's intended purpose? These old weaklings need to find their "bones"...we HAVE GOT to set limits or our Nation will be nothing but a "parking lot" of unrest.

Obama has disenfranchised American voters

As Obama has said, "Elections have consequences" and the electorate just voted no on the President's policies. Legitimate government derives its authority from the consent of the people and by ignoring our will he has denied the electorate their representation. This cannot be tolerated! I demand the House, Senate and Supreme Court defend the balance of power and restore the Republic!

What to do

I think its time that groups like yours, and other well-established conservative groups, form a central committee, specifically designed to fight the 'primary' fight against the donating power of the US Chamber of Commerce at the primary level. Call it the "Primary Committee" for the 2016 presidential primary, but this is where we lost our shirts during the 2014 elections and it needn't have happened when all we had to do was organize our own conservative grass-root members at the primary level.

ex animo

Illegal Amnesty

This article is right. The Speaker and Connolly need to get out of the way. The reason BO is still going at it is because he has never ever yet hit some real resistance. Apparently the Congress will be business as usual to the extent demonstrated over the past six years. Time for some more active leaders really or the GOP will be in trouble like the democrats in the next election. We are tired of this garbage. Ted Cruz is right, it is not the republicans fighting BO and his agendas and edicts, it is the legal American constituents.

Who works for the Oligarchs or the Masters of the Universe??

"President Abraham Lincoln is alleged to have remarked when General George B. McClellan dithered in attacking the South’s Robert E. Lee that if McClellan wasn’t going to use the Army he’d like to borrow it for a while; conservatives feel exactly the same way about the Republicans in Congress."

In response about McClellan when he dithered in attacking the South's Robert E. Lee was Lincoln who first asked Robert E. Lee to be in charge of the Union Army but Lee declined. He decided his heart was with his fellow Americans at home in Virginia who believed that they were fighting for a cause of Liberty similar to the same ones our founding fathers fought for. They believed that Lincoln had usurped power and was an instrument of the oligarchs just as Obama and Bush are and were an instrument of the oligarchs today.

Perhaps, McConnell should defer to Senator Sessions, who says that McConnell has to lead the charge anyhow. My opinion will remain that McConnell and Boehner are puppets of the Establishment and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce unless they prove me wrong.

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