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The Magic Number Is 29: Only 12 More To Go To Defeat Boehner

Speaker of the House Candidates

As of Tuesday morning (January 6, 2015) 14 Representatives; Louie Gohmert (TX-1), Jim Bridenstine (OK-1), Thomas Massie (KY-4) Dave Brat (VA-7), Steve King (IA-4) Marlin Stuzman (IN-3), Walter Jones Jr. (NC-3), Gary Palmer (AL-4), Barry Loudermilk (GA-11), Curt Clawson (FL-19), Randy Weber (TX-14), Justin Amash (MI-3), Jeff Duncan (SC-3), Rep. Tim Huelskamp (KS-1) plus Rep. Ted Yoho (FL-3) and Paul Gosar (AZ-4) have said publicly they will not vote for John Boehner to be Speaker of the House in the 114th Congress.

That makes 17 Republican members publically opposed to John Boehner's re-election as Speaker of the House.

It takes an absolute majority of members present and voting to elect a new Speaker of the House. Only if 59 Republicans voted “Present” would there be a chance for a Democrat to win, so nervous Republican talk radio callers can rest assured there is no chance of Nancy Pelosi getting the Speaker's gavel.  

So, if 29 Republicans vote for any candidate except John Boehner the voting goes to a second round, and a third and maybe even a fourth until one candidate emerges with an absolute majority. (back in the 1920s a Speaker election went to nine rounds)

Establishment Republicans, and Washington insiders who have made millions feeding off Boehner’s brand of Big Government Republicanism, are desperate to keep Boehner in the Speaker’s job.

They are doing their best to threaten, bribe, bully and lie to Republican members of Congress to convince them to keep Boehner in power.

And with most Republican members of Congress those tactics will work, but when the vote for Speaker opens on January 6, 2015 conservatives don’t need most or even a majority of Republicans to vote against John Boehner; they just need 29.

The magic number of Republican votes needed to throw the election for Speaker into a second round is 29 because that’s the number of votes that would deprive Boehner of the absolute majority he needs to maintain power.

Steve King, who along with Louie Gohmert, is perhaps the top limited government constitutional conservative in the House (and who in the past voted for Boehner) has now come out against Boehner. Although he has not yet publically announced for whom he will vote, King made this observation regarding the election for Speaker: How can I swear an oath of office to "support and defend the Constitution” and then, as my first act, vote to confirm as Speaker someone who has enabled the shredding of the Constitution?

Those who have spoken with Rep. King directly came away believing that this principled conservative who has led so many battles for limited government concluded he just wouldn't be able to live with himself if he failed to oppose John Boehner for Speaker.

The question then becomes who will be the conservative alternative?

We like principled limited government constitutional conservative Texas Representative Louie Gohmert, but in some sense it doesn’t matter who we like – the goal is to get to 29 Republicans who will vote for anyone but John Boehner in the first round.

In 2012, with no real organized opposition, ten House Republicans voted for someone other than John Boehner for Speaker. This year conservatives already have seven out publically against Boehner. The Capitol Switchboard number is 1-866-220-0044*. We urge you to call your Representative and urge hiim or her to vote for anyone but John Boehner in round one when the election for Speaker is conducted on January 6, 2015 and for the most conservative alternative that emerges in round two and beyond.

*Newly elected Members of Congress may or may not have their official House telephones available until they take the oath of office on January 6, 2015.

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