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Viguerie: GOP Is A House Divided, Boehner Must Go To Unite GOP

CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie

Speaker of the House John Boehner epitomizes everything that is wrong with the principle-free Capitol Hill Republican leadership.

The Bible and Lincoln tell us that a house divided cannot stand. During his tenure as Speaker John Boehner has divided the Republican Party like it hasn’t been divided since Progressive bolted the GOP over 100 years ago. The only thing that will reunite Republicans is new leadership on Capitol Hill.

John Boehner was handed the Speaker’s gavel in 2011 through the hard work and commitment of millions of Tea Party movement voters who turned out to elect Tea Party members to Congress in 2010. In the 2014 midterm election conservatives gave Republicans an historic victory that propelled them to their greatest House majority since the 1920s.

In return for the support of America’s grassroots conservative voters Speaker Boehner has caved-in and betrayed them in virtually every confrontation with Obama and the Democrats:

  1. Raising the debt ceiling without spending cuts in 2011,
  2. Breaking the sequester spending caps,
  3. Funding Obamacare,
  4. Failing to stop or even fight Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty,
  5. Passing the much-hated “CRomnibus,”
  6. Weakly standing by while President Obama shreds the Constitution

In the 2014 midterms John Boehner and the other top Capitol Hill Republicans were AWOL in nationalizing the election. The conservative movement and individual conservative candidates nationalized the election on the issues of stopping amnesty, stopping Obamacare and other elements of the limited government constitutional conservative agenda.

However, since the election Boehner has run away from that mandate and done everything in his considerable power to stymie the agenda and dilute the influence of limited government constitutional conservatives and Tea Party–leaning members of Congress.

Today, conservatives and Republicans are like the Biblical Jews; we must wander in the political wilderness until the old generation of failed Capitol Hill leaders passes away and are replaced by new leaders who are true to conservative principles. Replacing Speaker John Boehner with a principled limited government constitutional conservative is the first step that will lead Republicans and conservatives out of the political wilderness.

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D. Turner Givens

Even if Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell win back their leadership positions we can still take over the Republican Party! First we need to get rid of the RINOs. To do this we need to start by taking over the Speakership and the Majority Leader positions. McConnell and Boehner have demonstrated that they are unable to negotiate effectively — even from a position of overwhelming strength! Even after they are firmly ensconced they are subject to a “no confidence" vote. I can’t do this. With Richard Viguerie’s help, together we can. After Boehner’s next outrageous parliamentary move, Viguerie should ask Rep. Paul Ryan to make an appointment with each Republican in the House who is not a member of the Tea Party Caucus. Viguerie and Ryan will show him the numbers of people in the Conservative HQ, Tea Party, Patriot Action Network, and like-minded groups in his district. If he was supported by these groups he owes his election to us. If he was not supported in the primary by these groups in 2014, ask him if he thinks he could have been elected if all these groups had actively opposed him and voted for the Democrat. Even if we supported a different primary contender, the overwhelming majority of us voted Republican in the general election. So he, too, owes his election to us. What if we had all voted for the Democrat? Tell him that if he wants to get re-elected, he must join and follow the Tea Party Caucus. At the same meeting, get him to sign a letter asking Rep. John Boehner to resign as Speaker of the House. Viguerie can then coordinate a massive telephone campaign in which we can all express our intention if our congressman doesn't comply. Then put in someone with testicles who will demand a return to fiscal sanity. I suggest Ryan. Viguerie, Sen. Ted Cruz and or Sen. Mike Lee should do the same in the Senate.

Interesting Suggestion

Unfortunately, Rep. Paul Ryan -- while we appreciate his strong pro-life stand -- voted for Speaker Boehner and was one his staunchest supporters. I'm afraid we'd have to look elsewhere for help in such a project.


Horatius stood at the Pons Sublicius as an invading army tried to conquer Rome. According to Babbington’s poem, Horatius famously asked “Who will stand on either hand and guard this bridge with me?”

Horatius saved Rome.

Congressman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)90% finds himself in a similar moment. The Politico reports that privately Boehner’s aides and the Republican Leadership intend to use Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)N/AN/A‘s re-election to vanquish the conservative opposition with the House of Representatives just as they’ve done already to the Republican Study Committee, which Jordan once chaired.

The Republican leaders are comparing the opposition to Boehner from conservatives as a cancer.

House Republicans are so confident Boehner will be re-elected as Speaker tomorrow, they’re already taking a pre-emptive victory lap promising to ignore conservatives going forward.

There are enough votes to stop Boehner from becoming Speaker, but the members want someone to rally around.

While Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)91%91% is willing to do it, there are enough other conservatives on the sidelines waiting for Jordan. Jordan himself remains silent.

Thus we reach this point. Based on the information I am getting from members directly and from others, there are congressmen who would gladly vote for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)90% against Boehner, but for no one else. Jordan is singularly positioned to get other members off the sidelines.

At this point, if Jordan does not get in and Boehner is re-elected, much like Obama now realizing congressional Republicans will mount no serious effort to stop him, House Republican leaders will conclude tomorrow that House conservatives will mount no serious efforts to block their move left. Ironically, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)90% not standing up will require conservatives to push even harder in the House as the Leadership tries to marginalize them. That conservatives cannot actually be marginalized will not keep Boehner from expending resources to do so.

Will Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)90% keep the bridge?

This article was written by Eric Erikson RED STATE

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New Members of Congress

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Over a year ago I was talking to Cong Jim Jordan from my district here in Findlay, Ohio. He then chaired the RSC. At the time I told him I thought Jim Demint would make a good President and he told me he was very good friends with Jim Demint. Since then Jordan was punished by Ohio RINO republicans who have drawn him out of this district.



Need to get people to call Congress

Its true !! A house divided cannot stand. I got off early and am at home calling as many Congressmen as I can. There are several of us on Twitter and we decided to support Louis Gohmert. We need help desperately to succeed. We need people to help us call these Congressmen and vent our displeasure with Boehner. My understanding is that Boehner is doing a lot of arm twisting and Congressmen are being told that that they are writing down the names of Congressmen who do not vote for him. We need someone who is not a puppet of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Also, we need help on social media like twitter to sell our case.

Come On People! Now is the time! If Not now when?

Actually, what our nation really needs is a religious revival...that is really the answer but for now its this is what we are doing. At the very least please pray for us.

Sincerely, Clinton Berry