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Sen. Lindsey Graham's Bizarre Military Coup To Increase Defense Spending

Senator Lindsey Graham on CNN

Just when you thought things in Washington couldn’t get any stranger or more bizarre – or more frightening – South Carolina’s establishment Republican Senator Lindsey Graham announced that, if elected President, he would use the military to force Congress to increase spending.

“Here is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States,” said Graham at an event in New Hampshire. “I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to. We’re not leaving town until we restore these defense cuts. We are not leaving town until we restore the intel cuts.”

The establishment, after first ignoring the comment then concluded, without evidence other than post-gaffe spin from a Graham spokesman that it was a “joke.”

Our friends at Americans for Limited Government have called for Graham to resign or be removed for this anti-constitutional remark saying: “There literally is no place in our elective government for someone who advocates a military solution against those elected to do the will of the people when he doesn’t get his way.  The same Congress that expresses concern about President Obama’s seemingly daily abuse of power should immediately move to censure the senior Senator from South Carolina and the people of that state should demand his immediate removal from office.”

Rick Manning, President of ALG is right. Especially in the context of Obama’s abuse of power the notion that a president can use the military to impose his will upon Congress cannot be allowed to enter the debate. Republicans, who claim to be the party of limited government constitutional conservatives, should have booed Sen. Graham out of the room, even if it was intended as a “joke.”

And frankly, we’re not buying the idea Graham’s comment about using the military to force Congress to increase military spending was a “joke,” it was more like a revealing look at the inner man.

That Graham claims to be a serious contender for president, and a Republican, after uttering such an unconstitutional outrage is bad enough, but what interests us most is that no establishment political figure or media outlet put this in the context it deserves.

This is the same Lindsey Graham that has never seen a gun that didn’t need to be shot or a problem in the world that couldn’t be solved with an American bomb. Or a defense budget that couldn’t be tweaked upward, as long as the money got spent with one of his friends or major donors in the defense industry.

Something else Graham said that was perhaps more telling, but that has been largely ignored in all the discussion of his planned coup or “joke” was this, “Killing terrorists is the only option other than capturing them, because they're not deterred by death.”

Remember, this is the same Lindsey Graham that opposed the popular uprising in Egypt that overthrew the Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood government, at the same time he advocated American “boots on the ground” in Syria to fight a Muslim Brotherhood-inspired insurgency.

And whose open borders policies provide a safe avenue for jihadi terrorists to carry that war straight to the American heartland.

Had Graham said he would send in the military to force Congress to repeal some of the vast web of laws and regulations in which Congress has entangled the lives of Americans many might have privately cheered him.

But Graham’s claim that his first act as president would be to carry out a coup to do what?

Not win the war radical Islam has declared on us, but force Congress to spend more money with a special interest!

The war Islamists have declared on the West and America isn’t going to be won by another squadron of F-35s, and Senator Graham has studiously ignored the kind of cultural, economic and military operations that don't earn the defense industry billions of dollars, but are fundamental to stopping the global jihad from spreading.

Graham’s comment that he would use the military to force Congress to spend more on defense doesn’t reveal a man who is ready to defend America against the existential threats facing our country today; it reveals a creature of Washington interested only in helping his special interest friends at the risk of the very foundation upon which our country rests – the Constitution. Fortunately for the future of our constitutional republic, Lindsey Graham is never going to be close enough to the Oval Office to carry out his coup.

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Graham would have done better to not support Obama's illegal amnesty and put the military on our borders. He wants more money for Defense, but not defense of our country. Another Rino that needs to go.

Linsey Graham ignorance

Would this idea not be the reason the Constitutional writers and debaters refused the idea of a standing army?