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Conservatives: Don’t Knock Hillary Out Too Soon

Viguerie speaks to VA Tea Party

The emerging details of Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the fallout from her unconvincing news conference at the UN to try to explain it away has many Republicans thinking that the growing scandal will knock Hillary out of the presidential race before it really gets underway.

And there’s some evidence that the email scandal is already hurting Clinton. Vox Populi Polling conducted a nationwide survey to gauge Americans’ reactions and the numbers don’t look good for Clinton.

Not only do the majority of Americans, 52 percent, not trust Hillary Clinton, but 57 percent of Independents either somewhat distrust or greatly distrust her. A plurality of voters believe that Clinton intentionally withheld information and 68 percent believe that she risked American security. Americans also believe that Hillary Clinton should turn over all emails immediately. Among those polled, 55 percent of respondents believe that the email controversy is either somewhat or very likely to have an impact on the 2016 presidential race.

When asked about the Clinton Foundation receiving donations from foreign governments that were lobbying the State Department, a majority of voters believe that they were trying to buy influence with the U.S. government according to the poll.

But Republicans might actually be hurting themselves by leaning too hard on the email scandal and assuming it is the silver bullet that will defeat Mrs. Clinton.

First, Bill and Hillary Clinton have proven to be remarkably scandal-proof over the years. By scandal-proof I don’t mean free from scandal, rather that they have a base of support that simply doesn’t care how corrupt or venal they are.  The elitism, the notion that the rules simply don’t apply to the Clintons the way they apply to everyone else and the Nixon-like paranoia are irrelevant to these voters.

These voters form a significant part of the Democratic Party base and scandal mongering doesn’t affect their vote and may even drive them further into the Hillary camp out of sympathy or a misplaced feeling that Republican misogyny is behind the attacks on Mrs. Clinton.

Second, right now Hillary Clinton is considered to be “too conservative” ( ! ) by many of the far-left liberals who dominate the Obama organization. They will relentlessly hammer Clinton to move leftward and run as the “third term of Barack Obama.” This will scare the devil out of grassroots conservatives and the independent voters who have driven Obama’s poll numbers down to some of the lowest presidential approval ratings seen since the waning days of the George W. Bush administration.

The last thing Republicans should want is a nice quiet Democratic primary election season during which a liberal Democratic presidential candidate, like say Elizabeth Warren, hones a populist economic message and rallies the grievance constituencies of the Democratic coalition while Republicans battle it out under the intense scrutiny of the establishment media’s gaffe patrol.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, conservatives should not want to knock Hillary out too early because she provides such a great foil for conservatives to campaign against Jeb Bush.

As long as Hillary Clinton is in the race every other candidate in the Republican primaries, if they have the guts that is, can run against Jeb Bush on the basis that his positions on amnesty for illegal aliens and Common Core are the same as Hillary Clinton’s.

The other Republicans can point out that Bush and Clinton share the same stable of Wall Street supporters who have already said publicly that either Bush or Clinton is fine with them as President.

And both Bush and Clinton share the same isolation from the “country class” of Americans who have been alienated by the big spending, big government, business-as-usual Washington – Wall Street – Silicon Valley elite who have prospered as America’s middle class has sunk under the weight of two decades of open borders and the wage suppression that has accompanied those Clinton – Bush – Obama policies.

The Hillary Clinton email scandal is important and should be investigated; let the investigation go where the leads and the law take it, but conservatives are fooling themselves if they think knocking Hillary out of the presidential race early is all upside. 

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Mainstream Media

Amazing to me how every misstep a candidate makes is discovered by the Mainstream Media and proclaimed to the world, undermining the chance for any prospect for political office to even get in the door, with one notable exception. We not only don't know ANYTHING about our present Commander-in- Chief, and any speculation detrimental to him is deemed to be blasphemy. I believe the Mainstream Media is a bigger threat to the U.S than ISIS and Iran together!

Democratic Primary

You really think Hillary would take being pushed out of the race lying down? Whether running or not, she'll do everything in her considerable power to make sure that if she can't be President then no other Democrat is going to benefit. Already, Obama and his team are favoring the Communist from Massachusetts or the Governor of Maryland. With Obama deserting her and standing behind HIS favorites, you think Hillary is going to be a team player? I can't wait 'til the feathers fly!

Knocking Hilllary out, Email scandal

I tend to agree with your analysis. I figure either this was released now so that next year Hillary can say, as she has before, "that is old hat. We answered that a year ago. Next question." Or it could be that she has really fallen out of favor of TPTB and they want another candidate.

If the email scandals are to be taken seriously, and I think they should, should we not apply the same standard to Republican candidates? How about a guy whose #2 aide campaigned for him in a government building on government time on a secret email account? NOT CREDIBLE that Scott Walker did not know this was happening, but even if that is true, it speaks poorly of his management style and abilities.