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"I Connect With People b/c I'm Smart"

By CHQ Staff | 4/7/11

Potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump sat down with NBC’s Today Show this week to discuss a future President Trump, Libya, the Tea Party and a new poll of Republican voters that shows Trump in second right behind Mitt Romney.

“I think that I connect with people because I happen to be smart. I happen to have a lot of common sense. I happen to know what I’m doing. I built a great company,” Trump said.

When asked if he considers himself a Tea Partier, ‘The Donald’ responded, “I think so. I am very proud of some of the ideas they put forth. And the big idea is they want to stop this ridiculous, absolutely killer of spending that’s going on. What’s going on in this country, the way we’re spending money like drunken sailors, we are just absolutely – and ultimately we are going to destroy our own freedom.”

As Ronald Reagan would say, at least drunken sailors spend their own money.

Trump also said that the Tea Party, “has done an amazing service to this country.”

He went on to say, “I would run a great, great country. It’s not great right now…we’re not respected. The world laughs at us. They won’t be laughing if I’m president.” 

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