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A GOP-Tea Party Split: Is This It?

By Christopher Bedford - 4/8/11

The date to pass the budget has arrived and there is still no word of a deal. While leaders from President Obama on down have promised no more stop-gap week-long budgets, how and if a budget will be passed remains a mystery to the public.

But while the Democrats and Republicans in Washington may not know where they stand, conservative activists and the Tea Party absolutely do. A ConservativeHQ survey of conservative activists and Tea Partiers tackled the issue over the last two weeks, and the results should be taken into account by John Boehner.

When asked about the GOP leadership failing to cut at least $100 billion from the budget—and it seems they are certain to miss that mark—91.5 percent believe the GOP leadership will lose Tea Party support if the cuts are not made.

When asked if they would give primary support to Republicans who vote for a budget deal that fails to meet the $100 billion mark, 85.5 percent of activists said they would not.

And finally, when asked if they believe that GOP leadership is fully committed to defunding Obamacare, 92.6 percent said, "no, but other conservative Republicans are."

The budget crisis once again comes to a head today, with a successful vote necessary before midnight. The crisis is the result of a failure by Democrats--who controlled the House, Senate and Executive--to pass a budget last year. The question remaining is who will pay the price in the election. But for Republicans facing a primary, the results of CHQ's survey speaks volumes: think twice before you vote.

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