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Independent Institute Launches "Love Gov" Video Series

Love Gov Video Screen Shot

David J. Theroux, Founder and President of the Independent Institute recently alerted us to a new video series they’ve produced – Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate.

Premiering on YouTube on July 7, Love Gov personifies the increasing folly, cost, and intrusiveness of government in the lives of everyone, especially young people who are just entering their working lives and becoming politically aware.

The 5-part video series depicts the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend—Scott “Gov” Govinsky—who foists his “good intentions” on a hapless, idealistic college student, Alexis. 

Each episode follows Alexis’s relationship with “Gov” as his intrusions wreak comic havoc on her life, professionally, financially, and socially. Alexis’s loyal friend Libby tries to help her see “Gov” for what he really is—a menace. But will Alexis come to her senses in time?

You’ll have to watch to find out!

Love Gov also connects viewers with the Independent Institute’s free (and very cool) MyGovCost mobile app that enables anyone to estimate his or her lifetime federal tax liability and the assets that could have been accrued if the taxes were instead privately invested.

The MyGovCost app also allows users to learn more about the federal government’s follies, with numerous articles and other resources—with more "helpful" commentary (and surprises) from "Gov" Govinsky.

We believe that Love Gov is a funny and compelling way to help anyone, especially young people, understand the federal government’s expanding reach into our lives. It’s a lighthearted approach to reach audiences on a personal level and inspire them to learn more and take action.

If you have a high school or college student in your life we urge you to check out Love Gov and the MyGovCost mobile app, they could be great tools to teach anyone – but especially young people – how America’s relationship with Big Government has turned into a very bad date.

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