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Boehner Pushes for Stopgap Spending Bill

By Jonathan Strong | The Daily Caller - 4/8/11

Republican House Speaker John Boehner is pressing Democrats to enact a one-week stopgap spending bill to avert an imminent government shutdown that begins at midnight if no deal is reached between parties.

“I think the Senate should follow the House lead and pass the troop funding bill and do it today,” Boehner said in a brief appearance before reporters.

Boehner also pressed Democrats to “get serious about cutting spending” and said “we’re close to a resolution on the policy issues.”

Senate Democrats are considering their own stopgap bill, and Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is pushing a bill so troops in active service in one of three ongoing wars will be paid without interruption.

FULL STORY: Boehner Presses Obama, Reid to Pass Stopgap Spending Bill.

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