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Giving Aid And Comfort To The Enemy: The Best Argument Against Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal

Ever since Obama first started trying to create a foreign policy legacy for himself by foolishly endangering the national security of the United States and the future of western democracy by lifting sanctions on Iran and giving the Islamic Republic of Iran (that’s its real name) a faster path to a nuclear weapon we’ve been against the idea.

Iran missileAnd make no mistake – it is the combination of Iran’s expansionist Islamism and nuclear weapons technology that is an existential threat, not just to America, but all of western civilization.

Our friend Michael Ledeen, former consultant to the Reagan National Security Council, put this in perspective in a recent column for PJ Media when he wrote, “The critics are quite right for the most part: it’s an awful agreement, the administration has behaved abominably, and the deal should be rejected. I’m just talking about the best way to do it, the best tactics to use. Obama understands how to do it: reduce the issue to a simple choice. He does that when he says that Congress must either approve the Grand Bargain or plunge the Middle East–or is it the world?–into war.”

Ledeen went on to point out and confirm one of our fundamental arguments against the Iran nuclear weapons deal:

Iran has been at war with us for 36 years, and this deal–the latest of its kind–gives Iran lots of money to kill even more Americans. Indeed, we’ve been doing it for quite a while.

In a single phrase: the war is already ON, and we’re paying the Iranians to kill us. You want to pay them even more?

Ledeen wrote that he is constantly amazed to find how many Members of Congress – including members of key committees, representatives who have been briefed extensively on the Iran question–do NOT KNOW that we have been sending the Iranian regime upwards of seven hundred million dollars a month. We’ve been doing it for a year and a half.

As we keep saying, and as Michael Ledeen put it so well in his article for PJ, “the war is ON, it’s been on for 36 years, and now we’re paying for it, and Obama is proposing to pay even more,” we should remind the American people that we are already paying Iran to kill Americans.

We don’t fear a nuclear armed United Kingdom or France, because they share our values, but we should fear, and do everything we can to prevent the emergence of a nuclear armed Iran precisely because the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes to impose upon the entire world a set of values totally inimical to ours – and to do so by force when they think they can win.

When asked what the lesson of the first Gulf War was General S.F. Rodrigues, formerly Chief of Staff of the Indian Army said, "Don't fight the Americans without nuclear weapons." The George Rasley corollary to that observation is “You don’t seek nuclear weapons unless you plan to fight the United States.”

The purpose of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and its armed forces, is to spread Islam across the world.

It is foolish and dangerous in the extreme to assume, and to base a nuclear treaty on that assumption, that the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism, governed by Islamist clerics, will ignore the call for worldwide jihad in their Constitution and in Islamic law once they acquire nuclear weapons.

And it is foolish and dangerous in the extreme to assume that the Islamic Republic of Iran will end a war against the United States and the West that they have been conducting for some 36 years now that we have handed them the money and the means to actually win it.

As Michael Ledeen pointed out, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism, has been “fighting” the United States for 36 years. And for the same period of time American policy toward Iran has been to prevent the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear weapons.

The Iranian Islamists have no intention of ending their war with us, and Obama’s plan to pay them to continue it, while giving them the nuclear weapons with which to win it, is giving aid and comfort to the enemy and nothing short of treason.

We urge conservatives to contact their Senators and Representative (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to demand they vote NO on the Iran nuclear weapons deal.

Please click this link to read Michael Ledeen’s “How to Defeat the Grand Bargain with Iran” in its entirety.

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