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Republicans Look for More 2012 Options

By Jonathan Martin - Politico | 4/11/11

A presidential primary favorite is emerging among the ranks of congressional Republicans: none of the above.

The dissatisfaction with the likely GOP field — long whispered among party activists, operatives and elected officials — is growing more audible in the House and Senate.

Interviews on both sides of the Capitol have revealed widespread concern about the lackluster quality of the current crop of candidates and little consensus on who Republican senators and House members would like to see in the race.

While the days when congressional insiders could determine a party nominee are long gone, their open grumbling lays bare a broadly held sentiment within the GOP.

“I don’t see anyone in the current field right now, and people say that to me, as well. I’m reflecting what I hear,” said California Rep. David Dreier, chairman of the House Rules Committee.

Dreier, who was first elected in 1980, said: “Everybody’s looking for a Ronald Reagan, and they don’t see one.” 

FULL STORY: Republican lawmakers sour on 2012 field

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Republican Candidates

Herman Cain, Allen West and possibly Michelle Bachmann are the only true conservatives eligible to be candidates.  Cain or Bachmann have yet to announce and a group originating in Florida are trying to convince West to run.  Cain and West are both African Americans (I hate that term) and could easily match wits with Obama and show the American people what real American conservatism is.

Republican Candidates running for President

Are you kidding me? Sarah Palin is the best conservative running for office and has the guts to stand up to the RINO's in Washington. What is wrong with you conservatives? Why will you people not get behind the only candidate who has guts and will govern with no fear of what the RINO's say? I am sick & tired of hearing the Republican party has no great candidates running for President. I am now also a HUGE fan of Donald Trump and if Sarah Palin doesn't run he is the only guy going to run thus far I would support 100%!       

Rep. David Dreier is a progressive republican

He is in the same club as Senators McCain, Snowe, Collins, etc.  Please be aware of who is making these types of comments.