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CHQ Endorsed Rep. Ron DeSantis: Congress Must Reject the Iran Deal

CHQ endorsed Congressman and candidate for Florida’s Republican Senate nomination to succeed Marco Rubio joined with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (also endorsed by CHQ) to write a powerful indictment of Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran.

Ron DeSantisDeSantis (pictured) and Cotton, both Iraq vets, wrote in Time “We are faced with a bad deal that will significantly degrade our national security”

DeSantis and Cotton further observed that, “President Obama promised that a deal with Iran would ‘make our world safer’, but it’s difficult to believe that giving the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism more money contributes anything to our safety. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iranian-supplied roadside bombs accounted for as many as 1,500 American combat deaths. These deaths were orchestrated by the Quds Force from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and its leader, Qasem Soleimani. For those that served there this memory is still raw. When we remember those fallen comrades as well as those who lost their lives in Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks it is difficult to believe we would enter into a deal with a regime that supports such behavior.”

The recent rantings of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei are sufficient to dispel any notion that this deal with Iran will cause the ayatollahs to disavow terrorism and join the civilized world, noted DeSantis and Cotton. When followers of the ayatollahs chant “death to America” in the streets, they mean it. They will stop at nothing to end our way of life. Worse, the Obama administration has acknowledged that the Iranian regime will plow a portion — if not all — of the monetary windfall it receives from the deal into terrorism. That terrorism is likely to be targeted at the United States and our allies.

But from our perspective the most important point that Rep. DeSantis and Senator Cotton made was this:

During his reelection campaign, President Obama also promised that any deal with Iran would require Iran to “give up its nuclear program and abide by the U.N. resolutions that have been in place,” which do not permit Iran to enrich uranium. The president said flatly that “the deal we’ll accept is [the ayatollahs] end their nuclear program. It’s very straightforward.” In fact, it didn’t end up being so straightforward. The deal goes beyond the mere acceptance of an Iranian nuclear program; it requires the international community to facilitate Iran’s program, even to assist Iran in protecting its program from sabotage. Just a few years ago, a deal that permitted Iran to develop advanced centrifuges would have been unthinkable. The deal makes the international community, including the United States, active sponsors of Iran’s development of a nuclear weapons capability fortified against outside efforts to sabotage it.

Over the next 60 days, Congress must work to share the fatal flaws of the nuclear deal with the American people. Congress then must reassert its constitutional obligation to evaluate international agreements, vote on the deal, and stand strong in our duty to defend the United States’ national security.

We agree with Rep. Ron DeSantis and Senator Tom Cotton, Congress must forcefully reject this fatally flawed nuclear deal with Iran. The world is watching, and hoping, for the United States to step up once again.

To read the article “DeSantis in Time OpEd: Congress Should Reject the Iran Deal” in its entirety click the link.

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