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Why Trump Is Still Leading And Ted Cruz Rose After The Fox Debate

We received an email from Donald Trump that explains in a few short paragraphs why Trump continues to lead Ted Cruzand why Ted Cruz got a big bump after the Fox News debate.

In it Trump commits more words to attacking the Republican establishment and career politicians than he does attacking Obama and Hillary – although they get their licks too, as does the mainstream media.

The core of Trump’s email – actually a fundraising appeal – is this:

In the face of this media onslaught, my poll numbers actually went up.

I even pulled well ahead of Jeb Bush, the supposed “front-runner.”

Bush is a weak and ineffective leader who would merely preside over the continued decline of this country. If he gets the nomination, we lose in 2016.

I am very critical of John McCain’s record in the U.S. Senate. He has done little to help veterans.

John McCain has been in the Senate for 30 years and worked closely with Senator Bernie Sanders to pass legislation to ensure that no one was held responsible for the scandal at Obama’s Veterans Administration, in which over 1,000 of our veterans died waiting for medical care.

Ironically many of these veterans died in the VA hospital in Phoenix, Arizona – McCain’s home state!

It’s just like Benghazi – incompetent and pathetic officials screw up, then Americans die . . . and no one in Washington is held responsible.

My concern is for all those men and women who served this country.

As president, I would build the finest Veterans Hospital system in the world where our veterans would have universal access – and I will do it for far less in tax dollars than we are spending now on our disgraceful broken Veterans Administration health care system.

The political establishment is in shock over the way I have taken the lead in the presidential race – and they are scared to death.

Trump’s message is almost all negative – but it’s all true – and he closes on a defiant note, saying:

I have no doubt the liberal media and the GOP establishment will continue to attack me.

But, make no mistake, I will never back down or apologize in the fight to make America great again.

Stand with me today and send a powerful message to the establishment by supporting my campaign…

This is very much the same message Ted Cruz delivered during the Fox News debate when, in answer to the question “How can you win in 2016 when you’re such a divisive figure?” he said:

Chris, I believe the American people are looking for someone to speak the truth.

If you’re looking for someone to go to Washington, to go along to get along, to get — to agree with the career politicians in both parties who get in bed with the lobbyists and special interests, then I ain’t your guy.

There is a reason… that we have $18 trillion in debt. Because as conservatives, as Republicans, we keep winning elections. We got a Republican House, we’ve got a Republican Senate, and we don’t have leaders who honor their commitments. I will always tell the truth and do what I said I would do.

What the establishment media doesn’t seem to get and the Republican establishment fears beyond anything else, including the election of Hillary Clinton as President, is that those voters who support Donald Trump and Ted Cruz understand that the Republican establishment is the problem.

As CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie argued in his book TAKEOVER,

…for more than a hundred years, we conservatives have had our political guns trained on the wrong target. We’ve been focused on defeating the liberal, Big Government Democrats, when the first, and most important, roadblock to our goal of governing America according to conservative principles is the progressive, Big Government Republicans.

During the entire centuries-long civil war in the Republican Party, the progressive establishment leadership of the GOP has been selling the notion that the Democrats and the liberals are the

problem, and that if conservatives would only line up behind establishment Republicans and put them in charge of the federal government, the growth of government and America’s slide toward socialism would stop.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have taken that truth and ridden it to the top of the polls because their supporters understand that the Republican establishment is the problem. Trump and Cruz have correctly made the Republican establishment the THEM in “send THEM” a message.

What’s worse for the Republican establishment is that Trump and Cruz voters are not likely to migrate to an establishment candidate like Jeb Bush because they realize that to save the country we must first and foremost get rid of THEM.

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Watched Chris Wallace yesterday

and could NOT get past the arrogance of the panelists...each and every one of them, along with the host, sounded just like Professor Jonathan Gruber! The simply cannot acknowledge the fact that average American citizens can think for themselves.

It is too bad the establishment can't realize that our country would already have been put in the third world category if NOT for the hardworking, taxpaying citizens!

The entire Congressional complex should be emptied and scrubbed clean, right down to the staffers, and ONLY those who will profess allegiance to our Constitution should be allowed back in!!!

Trump, Cruz chances

When I see someone calling for our side to compromise, I see red! Compromise has been used by the Left for a very long time to get their way. There is NO WAY the Democrat machine is going to give up its' agenda. They expect conservatives to do all the giving while they do all the taking.

Good article

Once again you have said it as it is. And we are sick of the established rinos and the dems who don't represent their constituents. Good post and hit that nail right on the head. Trump and Cruz are telling it like it is, we are not going along with the establishment picks this time. We all sent a November 2014 message and there will be more in 2016. Remove the support from under that rino oligarthy. McCain is going to be fired in 2016. That is a start. Without support the oligathy in DC of McConnell and Boehner loose it all. One conservative at a time if necessary. And we will support Trump and Cruz. Thank you for expressing this so clearly.

Spot-on Post

Very good analysis in this piece. I agree completely with it.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump CANNOT win this election. He is a liar, immature, and a big mouth who plays well to his audience but does not appeal to any rational person who listens beyond his very short and meaningless sound bites. His attempts now to switch his completely baseless attack on John McCain's war record to McCain's policy record is the ultimate in lying and refusal to apologize for a senseless comment. McCain's policy record may be fair game but to criticize his war record by saying "I don't like war heroes to get captured" is unforgiveable and his refusal to admit he made a mistake shows how peevish and juvenile he is.His comments about getting Mexico to pay for his fence are equally outlandish. He says he will raise tariffs on Mexico if he has to. What the hell does he think Mexico will do in return??? Raise tariffs on us,of course. The guy has no clue.
The wing nuts cannot win this election by themselves. Like it or not they need someone who is credible to win the nomination and MOST IMPORTANTLY, TO WIN THE GENERAL ELECTION. Cruz and Trump do not pass the credibility test. Cruz is much smarter than Trump but he is still very scary. He does not understand compromise and, in any democracy, you have to make compromises to accomplish anything. Look at Ronald Reagan. He was the master of knowing which battles he could win and which battles he couldn't.
RWe have several great candidates like Farina, Walker, and Kaisich. Lets get behind them.

QpffFBuPEa: Did you read and comprehend the article?

The article points out that the GOP elite is the major problem. We must not continue to send liberal-lite candidates to Washington. If you want a weak compromising candidate I suggest you switch parties.

I'm not on Trump's list

so thanks for sharing the contents of the e-mail.

True analysis in your article IMO.

And we know that Cruz and Trump had a private meeting. Working together?

It would seem so.

Good cop/bad cop.

It's been done before ...


I do not think there is a deal between Trump and Cruz. I think Cruz will talk to anyone, but he is his own man, Cruz is a conservative and a Christian. It would be like oil and water, they cannot not mix. Cruz does not change his mind, Trump will.. Trump is a liberal...