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Boehner: $38.5B is "Real Money"

By John Boehner - USA Today (opinion) | 4/11/11

This week, Congress is moving toward approval of an agreement on the largest spending cut in history to help begin to create a better environment for private-sector job growth.

While the president's party still controls Washington, House Republicans have dragged a reluctant Senate and White House into taking this imperfect first step toward getting spending under control. The agreement will reduce government spending by $38.5 billion over the next few months — and by hundreds of billions of dollars in the coming decade.

This is real money. And as Stanford University economics professor John B. Taylor observed, "Reducing discretionary spending in 2011 ... will help establish credibility and show that government can actually take needed actions, not just promise to take them."

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But the agreement is far from perfect, and we need to do much more if we're serious about creating new jobs, fixing our spending-driven debt crisis, and ending the uncertainty that continues to plague our economy. 

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John Boehner - Leader of the Problem - Republican Establishment

Do you REALLY believe what you wrote? If you do then there is no excuse for your actions. You Establishment Republicans ARE NOT acting out the will of the people. 'We the People' will Change the Republicans. 'We the People'  will get your attention or send you on vacation from elected office.
The Democrats ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE. The HAVE AN AGENDA you do not.
Want one? Try this, stand against them at every turn ( no compromise ) until the will of the people is enacted. Don't send a stinking thing out of congress to the Senate or the Whitehouse that won't be voted down or vetoed. Give 'em hell until they think it IS hell.
Compromise, get that O'traitor pat on the back that you got and wait for the will of the people to flip over to the new majority of voters (immigrants, unions, muslims, workers of the world, socialists) that want a Democracy that 'We the People' reject unilaterally. Then when the vote is taken, you WILL BE ON VACATION, but not because of the will of 'We the People' because of the 'democracy' you seem to want to sustain.

Just remember that in a Democracy, majority rules, and if that ever becomes our fate, may GOD have mercy on our souls.

Oh and P.S. if the 100B in the Pledge to America became 38.5 because of your unwavering committment and TEA Party pressure, what excuse will you have for NOT cutting the Trillions in the 2012 budget?

'We the People' await your results, not your rhetoric.