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Out In Real America: Mission Barbecue Sings The National Anthem At Lunch

Mission Barbecue Montage


If you spend too much time watching the news on television, or especially if you read the major urban newspapers, it is pretty easy to convince yourself that America is lost, that the values that made this country the greatest and freest nation on earth are gone for good and there’s nothing left to do but accept America’s inevitable decline.

We don’t believe that, which is one of the reasons we get up every morning to put out CHQ and keep conservatives armed with the knowledge and tools to win the battle to preserve those values, but we’ll admit that sometimes the constant fight can be a little depressing.

And that’s when we head to Mission Barbecue* to refill and recharge.

Mission Barbecue is a regional barbecue restaurant company running barbecue joints in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida.

We use the term “barbecue joints” advisedly because, while most outstanding barbecue “joints” are located in condemned buildings or roadside shacks, Mission Barbecue’s impeccable restaurants are located in suburban neighborhoods and small cities where public patriotism is displayed in a way you won’t see any more in elite urban liberal enclaves.

And instead of the usual hokey barbecue restaurant décor of old beer signs or reproduction Elvis photos each Mission Barbecue restaurant is set-up as what amounts to a local shrine to America’s military, law enforcement officers and first responders.

The Mission Barbecue company supports a variety of veterans help organizations, especially the Wounded Warrior Project, and local police and first responder support groups.

And there’s nothing hokey about Mission Barbecue’s commitment to honoring America’s veterans, active duty military personnel and the first responders who protect and defend us every day. At 12:00 Noon, at the height of the lunch hour, the whole crew and patrons stop what they’re doing to sing America’s National Anthem.

And when one of our CHQ team members stopped by the Wilmington, North Carolina Mission Barbecue recently he reported that people actually sang – out loud.

The men took off their ball caps and put them over their hearts and the kids seemed to know what was going on and stay quiet for the few minutes it took to sing, while images of New York’s firemen raising the 9/11 flag and other patriotic themes replaced the news and sports on the restaurant’s television monitors.

It should surprise no one that according to our official CHQ barbecue scout some of the restaurant’s patrons that day appeared to be ex-military; greying Vietnam vets, young guys with a desert squint and their hair still cut high and tight and one elderly gentleman who might very well have served in World War II.

But the majority of the people at the Wilmington, North Carolina Mission Barbecue that day had no obvious connection to the military – they were there for the great food and for the atmosphere celebrating America and those who put their lives on the line to keep America, and their fellow Americans, safe.

If you’re feeling down about the future of your country, if you’ve been watching too much news and are starting to get the feeling that America’s best days are in the past we suggest you get out of whatever big city you are in and get out into real America.

Find a Mission Barbecue restaurant and get there about 11:45 a.m., pick out your favorite old fashioned beverage from the ice chest at the door, get your order in and then wait for 12:00 Noon to roll around. No matter how bad things might have looked before you came in, a restaurant full of people stopping what they are doing to sing our National Anthem – and some great American barbecue – will give you renewed hope for the future of this great country.


*This is not a paid advertisement and nothing of value was asked or received from Mission Barbecue.

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