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FLASH: Kevin McCarthy Withdraws From Speaker Race - Establishment GOP On The Run

In an extraordinary turn of events establishment Republican House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy -- Speaker John Boehner's handpicked candidate to succeed him as Speaker -- has withdrawn from the race.

McCarthy's withdrawal comes on the heals of a widely reported gaffe, where he implied that the House Benghazi hearings were a politically motivated attack on Hillary Clinton; the gaffe was widely seen as a gift that revived Clinton's struggling presidential campaign. Also affecting the race was an exclusive article making the connection between a letter Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina wrote to the House Republican Conference demanding that any candidate with "skeletons in their closet" withdraw as a candidate for a leadership position and the ongoing controversy between Rep. Renee Ellmers and investigative journalist Charles C. Johnson over articles Johnson posted as far back as January of this year alleging an affair between Ellmers and McCarthy.

The cabal of establishment Republicans who currently control the House Republican Conference, thrown into disarray by McCarthy's sudden withdrawal from the race engineered a postponement of the vote scheduled for 12:00 Noon today (October 8, 2015). McCarthy was widely viewed as having the most votes, but not a majority, in the three-way contest with Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz and principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida, the endorsed candidate of many conservatives including the 40 some members of the House Freedom Caucus.

Check CHQ for updates to this explosive story.

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