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Can These Three Texans Save America and the GOP?

Three Texans, limited government constitutional conservative Republicans; Senator Ted Cruz, Representative Louie Gohmert and Governor Greg Abbott are demonstrating how governing according to conservative principle is not only good policy, but good politics.   

As our friend Rick Manning observed in an excellent article for NetRight Daily, in just one day last week, Ted Cruz took on Operation Choke Point through an Obama nominee for Justice who should be rejected, Chinese Cruz Gohmert Abbotthuman rights abuses, sanctuary cities that release violent illegal alien offenders, and led a hearing giving voice to U.S. victims of Palestinian and Iranian terrorism. 

Cruz followed this one-day blitz of policy entrepreneurship with a bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization (it is as we’ve said many times and this recent article in National Review by our friend Andy McCarthy reiterates). 

AND Cruz sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch requesting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) preserve all Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documents and information for investigation under the next administration. Sen. Cruz’s letter comes after the DOJ recently closed its investigation into improper targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. 

Cruz accomplished all of these conservative policy objectives despite the fact that Mitch McConnell, the Senate’s Republican Majority Leader, has admitted that he and his staff regularly “box out” Cruz and help Obama

As Ted Cruz does on the Senate side, on the House side of Capitol Hill, one man, Texan Louie Gohmert (TX-1), stands almost alone in holding the Big Government Republican establishment’s feet to the fire and demanding they adhere to conservative policy prescriptions. 

Gohmert was a leading figure in the conservative rebellion that led to the resignation of the feckless John Boehner as Speaker of the House – and he was one of the few who stood for conservative principle to oppose the backroom deals that led to the election of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as Speaker to replace his mentor John Boehner. 

Gohmert introduced H.RES.410  to derail the disastrous Iran nuclear weapons deal and the “Parental Notification and Intervention Act of 2015” to restore the judge-eliminated rights of parental notification and intervention in the case of an unemancipated minor seeking an abortion. 

But Gohmert’s real contribution to the future of America isn’t introducing bills; it is shining the light of day on government abuse and establishment Republican perfidy. 

There is no Republican who takes to the floor of the House more regularly than Rep. Gohmert does to rally conservative votes or hold the GOP leadership's feet to the fire. From defunding Planned Parenthood, to the IRS targeting of conservatives, to border security and sanctuary cities, more often than not the leading conservative spokesman is Texas Representative Louie Gohmert. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently earned our kudos for his strong stand against the purported “sanctuary city” policies of Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez and his clear statement to all Texas elected officials who might be considering following Valdez’s unconstitutional example that they would lose state funding if they did so. 

But Governor Abbott’s greatest contribution to the people of Texas – and the conservative brand—has been to continue to build on the conservative policy successes of his predecessor – Governor Rick Perry. 

At the end of last year, when Abbott took office, employment in the Lone Star State reached a new record high of 12.45 million workers (11.783 million nonfarm payroll jobs and another 667,000 self-employed and farm workers), which was above the December 2007 level by 1,444,290 jobs (and by 13.1%). In contrast, total employment at the end of the year in the rest of the country (US minus Texas) still remained 275,290 jobs below the pre-recession, December 2007 level. 

To give you some idea of the impact of Texas’ low tax – low regulation economic policies have on employment, one need only look at the construction boom in Texas. There were more permits for single-family homes issued last year through November in just one Texas city – Houston (34,566) – than in the entire state of California (34,035) over the same period

Unlike President George H.W. Bush, who inherited the Reagan economic revolution and immediately began to dismantle it, since taking over the Governor’s office from Rick Perry, Abbott has worked with Texas legislative leaders to continue Perry’s successful model – particularly in the cutting the business franchise tax and reducing regulations – and investing in infrastructure and education. 

Earlier this year Abbott took his show on the road, meeting with than 30 New York business leaders who represent more than 22 corporations. Abbott said this could realize and additional 11,500 jobs for Texas and Texans. He also met with corporate real estate advisors to give them information for their clients that could bring even more jobs to Texas. 

The result, as Breitbart’s Bob Price noted; Texas was recently recognized, once again, as Site Selection Magazine’s Governor’s Cup recipient. This is the third time in a row and the sixth time in the past 11 years Texas has been so honored. Chief Executive Magazine rated Texas as the “best state for business” for the 11th year in a row. 

Three Texans – Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert and Greg Abbott are leading the conservative agenda and daily breaking new political ground – Republicans looking to recapture the political initiative from Obama need only follow the lead of these three Texas conservatives and the GOP would be a slam dunk to win the White House in 2016 and build a super majority in Congress.

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Constitutional Conservatism

Senator Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert and Governor Greg Abbott by their actions have indicated that they all take the Constitution and their oath of office seriously. They realize that most of the problems in our Country originated as the result of the failure of many of our elected officials to do the same. Unfortunately, a constitutionally ignorant electorate has allowed this to happen. Our Constitution has been under attack almost from the day it was adopted, by progressive elitist elements who favor top-down control of all aspects of our society and life. This directly violates the key principles and protections in our governing document. Among those are governance by the people, individual god-given rights, enumerated and limited powers for the Federal government, with all other powers remaining with the people or the states (as the citizens feel are appropriate). Contrary to what many believe the Constitution is not a "living document". Any changes must be made using the the amendment process provided within the document and not by an erroneous interpretation by the courts.

Constitutional Republicans

These three constitutional Republicans certainly are showing GOP leadership that most "republicans" eschew. The neo-con "republicans" are ALL a bunch of liberal,socialist, commiserating idiots who have defied the Republican plank and their oath of office ("to uphold and defend the Constitution...", by enabling the Socialist/Marxist left (democrats) to push their un-constitutional agenda of weakening our Republic into a totalitarian ruled state.