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Hoekstra: America’s Ruling Elite Facilitate Stealth Jihad

In a wide ranging interview with our friend Ginni Thomas of The Daily Caller News Foundation, retired Congressman Pete Hoekstra, the former Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence nailed the disconnect between the national security policies of Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Paul Ryan and the well-founded security concerns of America’s country class citizens. 

Pete HoekstraA Member of Congress for 18 years, Hoekstra was noted for his integrity and candor and has seen American statecraft up close. Hoekstra says that perspective has led him to conclude that “the ruling elite in Washington is becoming disconnected from citizens.” 

Hoekstra told Thomas that when former President George W. Bush and Obama claim “Islam is a religion of peace,” many citizens are taken aback.  

Americans think, “Whoa. They’re beheading Christians. They’re suicide bombers. They’re taking gays and lesbians and throwing them off the tops of buildings and they’re selling women into sex slavery. That doesn’t kind of look like a religion of peace to me,’” Hoekstra said in the interview. 

In the interview former House Intel Committee Chairman Hoekstra looks at the embedded Islamafication in Europe and is worried what this could mean for safety in America. Hoekstra warned that accusations of Islamophobia are weapons used to intimidate Americans so that we close our eyes and ears to the “stealth jihad” strategy moving through the West.  

Islamists “use our laws, our customs to change who we are and to change us into something we don’t want to become,” said former Congressman Hoekstra. 

All federal agencies, and now even the New York Police Department, are fundamentally shifting their policies with dangerous consequences, Hoekstra said. 

Hoekstra also discussed the refugees who attacked German women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and elsewhere, and said America can’t vet any refugee or asylum-seeker from failed states. America especially can’t vet asylum seekers since the Islamic State is seeding the refugees with jihadist fighters. 

Hoekstra doesn’t spare his former colleagues on the Republican side of the House either. He gives a C grade to Republican oversight in Congress, knowing from experience what successful oversight can accomplish. 

Today, Pete Hoekstra is a fellow with the Investigative Project on Terrorism and author of a book on Libya titled “Architects of Disaster.”  Follow him on Twitter @petehoekstra. Follow the Investigative Project on Terrorism on Facebook

Ginni Thomas’ interview with Pete Hoekstra confirmed our view that political correctness, such as that exposed by Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Phil Haney in her December video interview with him, is endangering the lives of peaceful Americans in every city across this country.  

We urge conservatives to watch the interview for Pete Hoekstra’s comments on Benghazi, the dangers of stealth jihad much, much more.

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Hoekstra is absolutely right!

Hoekstra is absolutely right about 1. mohammedanism not being a religion of peace, and we add, not a religion at all but an ideology meant to control ignorant people; and 2. that "...accusations of Islamophobia are weapons used to intimidate Americans so that we close our eyes and ears to the 'stealth jihad' strategy moving through the West."

We are sick and tired of hearing libs/lefties tell us that we are islamophobes because we know what mohammedanism really is. When the two or three "moderate," "peace-loving" mohammedans in the United States start openly and loudly criticizing the mad dog mohammedans that we read about every day, maybe then we might start thinking otherwise about this pathetic ideology, mohammedanism.

Americans must oppose Obama's insane plan to allow, encourage even, the invasion of the United States by 100,000 (you thought it was "only" 10,000? Yes it was, an "Obama 10,000") mohammedans must be fought to the bitter end. This flim flam person must be stopped. All of his policies have been against the will of Americans and pathetically stupid, but this plan to allow the invasion by mohammedans is the worst.